November is Forever

It was called the “Blood Month” by the Saxons because it was time to kill their animals for food.

It is called the “Month of Death” by the Finns (marraskuu in Finnish).

The crops have usually been harvested by now.

Telling the farmer if his year will be success or failure.

The leaves lose the brilliant October hues and turn a dirty brown.

Finally falling to the ground.


November is the business end of the college football season.

It’s when the pretenders are finally exposed.

The contenders are assuredly composed.

Once assurred, the contenders wish they could live forever.

Once exposed, the pretenders wish they had never been born.


November is when the football on the field gets more desperate.

More physical.




November is when you have to keep your hands warm.

Whether player or fan.

The Jack Daniels in the Coca-Cola becomes more useful in the stands.

To keep your body warm, or to soften the pain of lost plans.


As Coach Majors once said, “They Remember What You Did in November.”

Not September.

Two wins, two losses. Uncertainty. Worry. Felt like we’d been on a bender.

But they won’t remember.

Not October.

No wins, four losses. Nothing very together.

But they won’t remember.


But November.

Memphis, then Ole Miss, then Vanderbilt, then Kentucky.

The final record will be rendered.

This is what they will remember.


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