Who You Gonna Call?

We are at the tipping point of the 2010 season. The dreaded part of the schedule is done and dusted. The hopeful part of the campaign is upon us.

Coach Derek Dooley has reached a decision point: Simms or Bray?

Or, has he?

Practically everything readable on this subject is presented from the point of view that it has to be one or the other – for the rest of the season.

Part of the human condition is that we want stability and certainty. We shy away from instability and uncertainty. Instability and uncertainty make us uncomfortable – they make us feel unstable, uncertain.

But stability and instability, certainty and uncertainty, are nothing more than two sides of the same coin. Both sides are equal parts of any football season.

The only certainty, the only stability within the game of football, is competition. Competition is the driving engine that makes a team better.

The desire to get this quarterback controversy ‘settled’ is counterproductive, at this point in time, for this particular team, because neither Simms nor Bray is an established entity. Neither has earned the moniker of ‘the QB’ for this team, for this season. This team needs internal competition to drive it toward the best record achievable. This is not an established squad that needs an established leader at QB. Neither exist.

The only decision that Dooley has to make right now is who will be the starting QB at Memphis on Saturday, then, allow the competition to drive the selection process from game to game, for the remainder of the season.

Next year? That’s a different story.

Next year? Who you gonna call?

Happy Halloween!


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