The Dark End of the Street

Tweet from UT Athletic Director Mike Hamilton:

Excited to see Dr Joe DiPietro selected as the new UT President- good man, good neighbor and will do an excellent job for our institution.

Note to DiPietro:

Hamilton and the UT Athletic Department need a very strong President who will not be afraid to apply a well-placed boot when necessary.

Note to Hamilton:

You are now under the microscope. Hopefully.


It has not yet been determined when DiPietro will likely take office. I pray sooner than later. Because we’re headed for the dark end of the street, if we’re not there already.


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6 responses to “The Dark End of the Street”

  1. Jan Evett says :

    I will be thrilled to see Hamilton go … hopefully sooner than later is right! He has been strangely silent lately – anyone else notice that he doesn’t have much to offer?

  2. tk says :

    are u both implying he hired the wrong football coach??????

  3. Jan Evett says :

    I’m implying that we have the wrong AD! I do think the previous hire was a little Lame though, don’t y’all?

  4. NorCalVol says :

    I’m certainly not implying that Hamilton hired the wrong football coach in Derek Dooley. I’m on record that Dooley was a good hire, and I’m maintaining that stance. Of course, the future will tell us more, but I hope the pressure that will certainly escalate next season will be manageable such that we give Dooley the required time to build us back to a respectable level and eventually beyond that. I have severe doubts that the fans will be patient enough.

    I’ve been quite critical of Hamilton from time to time on this blog over the past two seasons. Let me just say that he’s not my cup of tea.

  5. rockytop78 says :

    I would certainly be happy if Hamilton were shown the door, for many and sundry reasons.

    Nice video clip, by the way; although the version done in “The Commitments” is the one that usually comes to mind for me, this one is very poignant.

  6. tk says :

    i know there are “items” that have upset many with hamilton. however the role of an AD is not what it once was and wont be in the future. we must get used to this new role because now its business and economics and not athletics like it once was. if dooley pearl and summitt dont fall flat on their faces i think hamilton will be around awhile due to the increases in revenue, if nothing more, during his tenure. and dont be surprised if his exit from UT is because another university may hire him away……..all of this is just food for thought, not fodder for an argument

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