The Material Answer

I remember that back in the ’70s, the tear-away jersey was all the rage. What I don’t remember was where it was introduced. I believe that if we weren’t the first school to use it, we were one of the first. Nevertheless, it was eventually banned. It was also used in the NFL in the ’70s, eventually being outlawed. Greg Pruitt of Oklahoma and then the Cleveland Browns was famous for his tattered white top with brown numbers and orange trim.

I can see Condredge Holloway running around with a hole in his back – only half the Number 7 remaining as he eludes one tackle after another. No doubt that that jersey added to his ability to gain yardage when a defender decided to grab rather than execute.

Now comes another era of orange clothing. Today, Adidas unveiled their new TECHFIT compression jersey that will debut when the Vols host No. 8 Alabama in Neyland Stadium on October 23 (7:00 pm ET on ESPN). Tennessee, and other NCAA schools will be donning the new, slim-fitting jerseys designed to be more comfortable for the player (including 30% less weight than the current material) as well as serving as a replacement for the tear-away era by providing no extra material for opponents to hold on to.

That may be good for running backs, but this ain’t good news for our OL who need all the help they can get to prevent Simms/Bray from getting their brains beaten in.

Move over, Nike.



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