Two Steps Back

Georgia 41  Tennessee 14

9 Oct 2010 | Sanford Stadium | 92,746

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Tennessee didn’t start a drive beyond their own 29-yard line. Six of their drives started at their 20 or worse. Six of Georgia’s 12 drives began beyond their 30-yard line; three of which were beyond the 40.

The Vols’ had nine net rushing yards on 26 carries for an average per carry of nearly zero – numbers that are heavily influenced by Matt Simms’ minus 21 yards due in large part to numerous sacks.

Tennessee turned the ball over three times – two fumbles and one INT. The two fumbles were in the kicking game: a punt and a kickoff were both lost by Eric Gordon, and both led to Georgia TDs.

Those data pretty much sum up Saturday’s loss. It was 17-0 ‘Dogs at the end of the first quarter – it was over before it was over.


Derek Dooley emplores his troops to play in spite of the score. Photo by Michael Patrick.


Derek Dooley said on Sunday that “we’re just not playing consistently well enough anywhere to win football games.” Right now, that probably goes for any team other than Memphis, and that’s a scary thought. Kentucky damned near beat a very good Auburn team, and Vandy threw up over 50 points on Saturday, so anybody who thinks the traditional November patsies aren’t smelling blood this far in advance better think again.

Saturday’s inept performance illuminated the ills of our kicking game, rushing attack, and offensive line (impacting both the running game and the number of QB sacks). I already knew of those inadequacies before the kickoff in Athens. What I didn’t know was that we would put up such a weak fight – probably going down by so much so early likely affected this group of very, very young players. We were outplayed just as much in Baton Rouge a week ago as we were by Georgia, but the difference was turnovers – the Vols against LSU rode the crest of gaining possession via turnovers until an additional play after time ran out snuffed out a Big Orange victory, whereas giving up the football thrice to the Bulldogs while not being reciprocated was too much.

If last week’s game was one step forward, even in losing, Saturday’s loss at Georgia is certainly two steps (or more) back. With a bye week ahead, the rest will help, but probably not that much, as Alabama comes to Knoxvile in two weeks followed by a trip to see Steve Spurrier’s Gamecocks bent on ending their annual late-season failures.

The pressure is not on yet, but it soon will be, going into November most certainly with a 2-and-6 tally.


5 responses to “Two Steps Back”

  1. tk says :


    • norcalvol says :

      Based on my expectations for this team, there is no pressure to win against either Alabama or South Carolina. There will be pressure to beat the likes of Memphis, Ole Miss, Kentucky, and Vandy, even though we may be the worst team in the SEC. That pressure will be (1) to avoid setting a school record for most number of losses in a season (seven), which might be unavoidable, and (2) to avoid being beaten by our nearest rivals who want our hide badly.

  2. db says :

    Somebody had to help Georgia’s record. Why not Tennessee?

    Keep in mind that some of us find satisfaction in such a Georgia win considering: 1) we went to UGA when they were bad…really bad 2) we have jinxed all teams that we follow [I started to type the list but got depressed when I realized how long it was going to be] 3) Mom is here visiting and I got to bring the topic up during casual conversation.

    So don’t consider it an embarrassing loss. Instead, think of it as a humanitarian effort. Truly a worthy gesture from a team that calls themselves ‘Volunteers’.

    Now, doesn’t that make you feel better?

    • norcalvol says :


      However, I’m positive your Mom would defend the Vols to her death (so shame on you for bringing it up!!) even though she has Bulldogs and Yellow Jackets in her family.

      Maybe this was Dooley’s one and only humanitarian gesture to his dad’s old team. Next year, the gloves come off!

      Thanks for reading, db (and yes I believe I know who you are!).

  3. tk says :

    why would a mom visit a place like that?

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