Nederland Vols

The planet’s biggest sporting tournament gets underway today at 10:00 am ET when the host nation South Africa plays Mexico. And Saturday, it’s the U.S. versus England in the biggest match of the opening weekend.

I love the World Cup. But I’m not a rabid U.S. soccer fan – I like a lot of nations’ teams. Because my passion with the game is club football, primarily in England, I’m interested in following players in the World Cup that ply their trade in the English Premier League. That means I’ll be paying particular attention to not only the U.S., but to England, France, Spain, Ivory Coast, Ghana, and a few other countries.

Perhaps you’re interested, but don’t know with what nation’s team besides the U.S. to give your allegiance.

Make your choice a simple one. Just have a look at these uniforms.

Holland is year-to-year one of the best squads in the world and play a very exciting, attack-oriented brand of soccer. Never mind that they have yet to win the world's biggest tournament (two-time runners up) - they are tops when it comes to uniforms.



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