Heute spreche ich ein weing Deutsch

I wonder if he was thinking about how the grass ain't always greener somewhere else...

I love the German language. Mark Twain expressed a different view, but I have always thought he was just having a little fun while secretely admiring the oddities of it all.

It’s the compound words with no direct translation to English that I adore.

Today’s example is Schadenfreude.

The literal translation is”damage joy”. It’s usual meaning is something like “taking pleasure in the misfortune of others.”

Now I don’t tend to engage in this type of practice for reasons that should be obvious to sane, compassionate people.

Some even say it is the work of the devil.

Others like to revel with the devil when it comes to pastimes such as sport, and the practice of Schadenfreude is commonplace when it comes to supporting your favorite team. You know, like when anybody beats Florida.

Today, I’m right there with the horned red man, taking joy in the misfortune of an entire football program. Kinda reminds me of 2002, which was really tasty, too.

Excuse my German, but fucking A!


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