TK’s Report on a Sluggish Saturday Scrimmage

It's great to see those beautiful colors out on the green grass of Shields-Watkins Field one again. Hope springs eternal every April. Photo by Adam Brimer.

On Saturday afternoon the mercurial TK (author of one of the best posts ever on this site) attended Saturday’s Orange and White Game with DW. TK and DW are two of the Vols in the Fall—we all went to UT together; lived in the Andy Holt dorm across the street from the Aquatic Center. Simpler days. But, days that were no less fanatical as today about the Big Orange. We lived (and died) through the decline of the Vols under Bill Battle as well as the beginning of a new era in Tennessee football when Johnny came marching home. Those were some trying times—it took a very long time for the Vols to crawl out from a 4-and-7 season to be competitive, and then to win an SEC championship again. Although not the same in the particulars, I feel we’re in a similar situation—soon to sink to the bottom of another cycle.

To give us a glimpse of what the near future looks like, I’ll turn it over to TK for his report on Saturday’s scrimmage from the Home of the Vols, Neyland Stadium.

Take it away, TK…

DW and I had the opportunity to see the annual Orange & White skirmish today. And it was hot. And I don’t mean the team—I mean the temperature. Attendance was 35,000 and change; good crowd; good weather… and well the team… sluggish.

DW and I commented several times that they seemed to be playing in slow motion. Maybe spring drills are not played at game speed, thus carrying over into this last scrimmage?

We both put Simms as the second-team QB based on this game. The new punter looked promising, especially during warm ups.

Dooley stood in the offensive backfields all day wearing a visor much like those of coaches named Spurrier and Kiffin. Is this a bad sign for the Volunteer Faithful?

The day was fun, which is what today was supposed to be all about anyway… but there is much, much work to be done.

And the concession prices are still to damn high!!!

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