57 Channels and Nothing On

Maybe Bruce Springsteen was a college football fan and wrote that song between National Signing Day and spring practice…

Or maybe that’s really why Elvis shot his TV.

But there was some news this week that has caught my eye. For starters, Derrick Dooley’s staff now have their actual assignments of responsibility:

Charlie Baggett: Assistant Head Coach and Wide Receivers Coach
Jim Chaney: Offensive Coordinator and Running Backs Coach
Harry Hiestand: Offensive Line Coach
Darin Hinshaw: Quarterbacks Coach
Eric Russell: Tight Ends Coach and Special Teams Coach
Justin Smith: Devensive Coordinator
Terry Joseph: Defensive Backs Coach and Recruiting Coordinator
Lance Thompson: Linebackers Coach
Chuck Smith: Defensive Line Coach

Only two holdovers from last year’s staff: Chaney and Thompson.

I wonder what the coaching staff’s dress code will be… polos? sweats? t-shirts? shirts and ties? I’m willing to bet you will not see black jerseys.


Former Vol hero Tee Martin will be standing on the opposite sideline on November 27, 2010, wearing blue of all colors, as he has joined his former coach Randy Sanders to become Kentucky’s wide receivers coach. Tee had been the quarterbacks coach at the University of New Mexico. At least he’s back in the SEC. But a Wildcat?


ESPN’s Chris Low gives his lowdown on UT’s recruiting class. He identifies our most glaring hole in this recruiting class as defensive tackle and our greatest successes as OL, DE, PK, and WR—we signed two of the top 6 WR prospects in the country – is Wide Receiver U coming back?

Chris also talks about how the state of Georgia got raided by other SEC schools. Tennessee certainly played a part in that Stoneman cavalry remake. Georgia produced 182 FBS signees, 65 of those signed with SEC schools, and only 14 of those signed with UGA. Vandy signed 9 from the Peach State!

And one more from Chris: he gives us a list of his “pre-spring power rankings.” Alabama, Florida, and LSU came in 1, 2, and 3. Tennessee finished a lowly ninth just ahead of Miss State, UK, and Vandy due to the Vols’ OL and DL problems, a new QB, and a killer schedule. The good Senator Blutarsky over at Get the Picture describes Chris as having way too much time on his hands, something I think all us bloggers have quite frankly.


Speaking of lists, Franklin Crittenden has ranked the SEC’s coaches from best to worst. Hey, that’s the name of his article. Dooley is 10th. He doesn’t say anything bad about him, but the fact that there is a ranking, and an article with a name implying bad coaches, is a bit ridiculous.


And finally, Mike Casella gives us the Top Ten reasons why the Florida Gators are the most hated team in college football. The book I’m reading right now recounts how one of their fans spit on the wife of Phil Fulmer at a UT-Fla game. That’s more than plenty for me. Frankly none of the reasons in the article are good ones. For alternatives, read these two posts, one at Alligator Army, and the other at Gator Tailgating, both about Peyton Manning and the Super Bowl. The Gator fans just can’t get over hating Peyton and Phil Fulmer after all these years. Enough for you?

That’s enough for me for a while. Have a great weekend and enjoy the Winter Olympics.


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3 responses to “57 Channels and Nothing On”

  1. rockytop78 says :

    As an anonymous Bama poster once put it, the Florida Gators have the arrogance of Notre Dame combined with the tradition of Wake Forest.

    On the subject of the Florida Gators, here’s one of the main reasons why I detest the Gators and their fans. I went to the UT-Florida game at Neyland Stadium in 1990: an epic beatdown in which the Vols led only 7-3 at halftime; but after Dale Carter ran the 2nd-half kickoff back for a touchdown, the Vols were off to the races and ultimately won 45-3, spanking Steve Superior big time in his first season as Florida coach. The next year in Gainesville, Vol fans were treated to a unique variety of payback when, during the course of a 35-18 Florida victory, drunken Gator undergraduates in some of the higher rows of the UF stadium began pissing into plastic sandwich bags and then heaving them onto Tennessee fans sitting lower down. To me, that’s what the University of Florida is all about: throwing bags of urine onto visiting fans — whose team is losing anyway. Gator class, all the way.

  2. norcalvol says :

    Rocky, I’d like to see the Gator fans try and come up with a story about Vol fans that tops that on the scale of vileness. As a matter of fact, as a fan of European soccer, I don’t think many clubs over there have fans that could even top that, and there are supporters across Europe that have done some pretty vile things over the years.

  3. TK says :


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