Doodles on Dooley

With nothing being confirmed about Mike Hamilton’s __th candidate, and since I don’t know much about him, and don’t want to invest the energy until I hear the confirmation (are you as worn out as I am?), here is a test:

Which Derek Dooley are we interested in hiring?

Derek Dooley #1

Derek Dooley #2


Report: Derek Dooley Hired as Vols Head Football Coach (WRCB TV) – 12:59 pm EST

Derek Dooley Ain’t Come Down From Rock Top (Orson Swindle)

A Georgia Fan’s Perspective on Dooley (Hey Jenny Slater) – the last part of the article

Derek Dooley Tennessee: Five Reasons Why He’s An Awful Coaching Hire (Jon Star)

WAC to SEC: Is Derek Dooley of Louisiana Tech the Man for Tennessee? (Todd Kaufmann)

Somebody Agrees to Coach Tennessee, at Last. Now: Who Is Derek Dooley? (Matt Hinton)

Intelligence Report: So, Yeah… Who’s Derek Dooley? (Spencer Hall)



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