It’s Derek Dooley for the Volunteers announced this evening that Derek Dooley will be presented as the 22nd head coach in the history of Tennessee Football. A press conference will be held at 9:00 pm EST at the Neyland Stadium Peyton Manning Locker Room Complex.

GO HERE for the live press conference feed.

A lot has already been made about what we don’t know about young (41 year old) Derek. One thing is for sure. He has worked his way up the ranks as an assistant, mostly working and studying under Nick Saban, who we all would admit is one of the very best.

And because this is the Southeastern Conference, note that he served as Saban’s recruiting coordinator for two seasons while at LSU.

Here is Dooley’s CV:


2007-09: Louisiana Tech – Head Football Coach

2005-06: Miami (NFL) – Tight Ends Coach (under Nick Saban)

2003-04: LSU – Running Backs Coach and Special Teams Coordinator (under Nick Saban)

2000-02: LSU – Recruiting Coordinator (under Nick Saban)

1997-99: SMU – Wide Receivers Coach and Co-Recruiting Coordinator

1996: Georgia – Graduate Assistant


1987-90: Virginia – Wide Receiver


B.A. 1990, Virginia (major: Government and Foreign Affairs).

J.D., 1994, Georgia (practiced law for almost two years in Atlanta before becoming a coach).

Tennessee's New Head Football Coach

Derek Dooley, was announced Friday as UT's new head football coach

Derek Dooley is the son of legendary Georgia coach Vince Dooley.



7 responses to “It’s Derek Dooley for the Volunteers”

  1. rockytop78 says :

    Any word on who among the present staff is staying, who is coming in, and what the respective coaching assignments might be? I’ve been out of the loop for much of the day (I actually had to be productive at work today!).

    Thanks for keeping up with all this on a crazy day.

    • norcalvol says :

      RT78: As of 9:20 ET, no word on those details, and the video feed on is unavailable, which tells me they may be running behind (a whirlwind day no doubt)…

    • itsgreattobeatnvol says :

      They haven’t publicly said anything about who is staying/coming, but I heard today that Kippy Brown is leaving for the Seattle Seahawks. I’ve also heard Dooley is planning on bringing his Recruiting Coordinator/Defensive Backs coach, Terry Joseph, from LA Tech, and possibly his Defensive Coordinator, Tommy Spangler. With Kippy leaving, I wish he’d bring their Running Backs coach, Chino Fontenette. Looks like their rushing game was the best part of the program, and with the talent we have at UT, we need someone who can work with it.

  2. TK says :

    also the nephew of former va tech and north carolina coach bill dooley

  3. rockytop78 says :

    Word is now that Reaves and Cregg are leaving; don’t know whether voluntarily or involutarily. I don’t know how much Reaves helped Crompton, but I’m sad about Cregg — he really did wonders with the OL this past season, considering that he had 2 walk-ons (the Sullins brothers) and a RT who was a TE at the beginning of Fall practice (Aaron Douglas). And that RT became a Freshman All-American, too. Talent, yes; but coaching also, I think.

    Yes, Kippy has gone to the Seahawks. So that leaves Thompson, Chaney, Garza, and Ausmus. Given his work with the LBs this season — talk about making lemonade out of lemons — Thompson deserves not only to be retained, but given a big raise as well. Ausmus seems to have a good reputation in the weight room, but has an Orgeron connection, I think; so he may be suspect.

    I guess we’ll find out in the next 48 hours who is here to meet the recruits! (I also see where Ambles is not making a visit this weekend, as he had originally planned; maybe he does plan to go to USC, as he said he might do after Kiffin left.)

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