I Think I’m Gonna Hurl

Except for rare circumstances, I pull for SEC schools against non-conference foes. Thursday night’s National Championship game, Alabama vs Texas, played at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, was not a rare circumstance for me.

Usually, what’s good for the SEC is good for Tennessee. It brings continued pride, wealth, and the national spotlight on my conference, and some of that spotlight shines on the Vols, even when we are in the middle of the conference’s pack.

Instant cred.

I want my school to be a member of the biggest, baddest, mo-fo league in the world. Which it is.

And Thursday night’s victory for the Crimson Tide over the Longhorns was more of the same.

Some called it an ugly game. Some called it a circus. Some called Saban for running up the score at the endSome thought it was entertaining. Some are having trouble doing math like me. And some are just proud.

But it was another big win for the Southeastern Conference, making all the other leagues look pitifully small.

They are.

Beginning with the inaugural 1998 Tennessee-Florida State tilt, the SEC has won 6 out of the 12 BCS championship games, and is a perfect 6-0 in those games. The winners have been Tennessee, LSU, Florida, and Alabama.

The pitiful conferences, on the other hand, shape up like this: the Big 12 have only 2 winners, and no other conference has more than one winner.

So, congratulations Alabama on your sixteenth, thirteenth, eleventh, eighth football national championship.

There. I said it. “Congratulations, Alabama.”

Now excuse me ’cause I think I’m gonna hurl…


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2 responses to “I Think I’m Gonna Hurl”

  1. rockytop78 says :

    My sentiments exactly.

    So we congratulate all the Bammers, and re-double our efforts to whip them come October.

  2. tk says :

    hey guys
    boy things have changed in 35 years.
    now at MY university you get four changes with firearms.
    when i was in school in 1973 we got ONE change with fireworks!!!!
    and i got off the hook simply because a smoke bomb was not technically considered fireworks!!!!!!

    and as far as retiring numbers i think the criteria is to keep the floodgates from opening. lauricella also was no. 2 in the heisman vote. my question is which player not retired is closest to meeting the existing criteria???? steve kiner perhaps?

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