Should Number 45 Be Retired?

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    4 responses to “Should Number 45 Be Retired?”

    1. Sandy says :

      Johnny Majors should absolutely have his number retired. There is only one other player who achieved as much as Majors, and that is Peyton. Valid arguments can be made that they should have both won the Heisman in their senior seasons.

      Achievements as a professional should be irrelevant for this consideration. I do not think Majors coaching achievements should be a factor either. Retiring a jersey is to recognize the achievements of the player at that institution. And Major’s performance as a player deserves this recognition.

    2. norcalvol says :

      Agree with Sandy that achievements as a professional should be irrelevant for this consideration. And, because it is a number that we are considering, not really a name, the coaching achievements go by the wayside, too.

      Therefore, the criteria would have to be changed, most notable the professional achievements.

      Thus, the floodgates get opened.

      Gene McEver, Beattie Feathers, Herman Hickman, Bobby Dodd, Bob Suffridge, George Cafego, Bowden Wyatt, Hank Lauricella, Majors, Bob Johnson, Ed Molinski, Steve DeLong, Steve Kiner, Frank Emanual, Chip Kell, John Michels… They are all in the College Football Hall of Fame. They would likely have to join Manning, Doug Atkins (also in the HOF) and Reggie White (also in the HOF).

      Thus the need for tighter restrictions to “keep the numbers down” so it doesn’t get ridiculous.

      I don’t know what the real story is behind the establishment of retiring of numbers. But I think the University and the AD screwed up. To have names like Majors and McEver and Feathers and Hickman and Dodd and Cafego and Lauricella and Kiner and Johnson (BTW, where in the hell is HIS NUMBER?????) excluded is next to criminal.

      They should have adopted a “ring of fame” concept like the Dallas Cowboys had in the old Cowboys Stadium, with the names along the siding between decks.

      Was the installment of the professional career accomplishments a sinister plot to keep Majors out of the number-retirement award by Fulmer’s inner circle?

      I’d rather think it was the fear of the floodgate scenario.

      But I do think the “ring of fame” concept would have been a better option.

      This is COLLEGE football.

    3. DW says :

      Under the current guidelines — I guess a Vol could win the Heisman someday, have a very short NFL due to a career ending injury, and thus never be honored at UT.
      Two more reasons to retire Majors number—(1)only fullbacks wear 45 anymore, and they seem to be a dying breed — (2)the Man played without a facemask!! Who needs to know more than that??

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