What Is He Eating? What Is He Thinking?

My crack staff here at VITF snapped this right before the half, just after the Vols had us all thinking we were actually in this game, and just before the Hokies gobbled up a scrap of a field goal.

Questions for you readers are: (1) Who is that not-so-well camouflaged guy eating next to the sign? (2) Is he eating chikin, or does it just smell like it? (3) Is he dating both the mom and daughter? (4) Could that be GH in front of the daughter? (5) Where is Bobby?


One response to “What Is He Eating? What Is He Thinking?”

  1. DW says :

    Impressive work by the VITF staff!
    I’m not so sure this fella is eating…seems he might preparing to scrape the bad taste off his tongue from the upcoming field goal.

    Check that guy in the bottom right — looks like he’s either a TK relative or maybe closer…couples growing to look like each other ain’t no myth!

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