Mark Ingram squeaks past Toby Gerhart as VITF’s Heisman Selection

Once again I asked the collective braintrust at VITF to produce some more nonsense. This time, the query was to assess the proper recipient of this year’s Heisman Trophy.

Each of the VITF panel was asked to submit their top five, in order from 1st to 5th. A total of five ballots, including mine, were received. The votes were tallied by yours truly. Each first-pace vote was worth 5 points, second-place votes were worth 4 points, and so on. The table below is a summary of the number of votes for each position and the total tally of points.

Mark Ingram and Toby Gerhart each received the most first-place votes, two each, but Ingram received one more total point; Gerhart did not receive a vote on one of the five ballots received. C. J. Spiller and Ndamukong Suh came in third and fourth. Everybody else was way back, although Case Keenum who finished sixth received a first-place vote (his only vote).

Following the table are the individual ballot results along with some comments from each of the illustrious voters.

Why do we do this? Some things are just too important to be left to the professionals…


1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Total
Mark Ingram 2 1 2 16
Toby Gerhart 2 1 1 15
C.J. Spiller 2 1 11
Ndamukong Suh 1 1 1 1 10
Colt McCoy 1 2 6
Case Keenum 1 5
Tim Tebow 1 1 4
Dion Lewis 1 1 3
Kellen Moore 1 3


NorCalVol’s Ballot: (1) Toby Gerhart (2) Mark Ingram (3) Kellen Moore (4) Ndamukong Suh (5) Colt McCoy

NORCALVOL SEZ: For me it simply came down to Gerhart and Ingram. As much as I love Kellen Moore, his school’s competition is his only problem, so I couldn’t bring him into the final choice tent (same can be said for Keenum). I’m not considering a DT as the winner. Sorry Mr. Suh. McCoy simply fell off the train down the stretch (And I’m glad, personally). And Tebow’s season just wasn’t to be taken seriously for the trophy, no matter how great a player he is. So why Toby Gerhart? More rushing yards in less games against better competition. I know he was used more: 311 rushes to Ingram’s 249. But that’s probably a factor of class: Toby is a Senior; Mark is a Sophomore – Ingram will likely carry the load more in the next two years. And better competition? Yes, indeed. Look at the final national rankings of rushing defenses faced by Alabama and Stanford: Team’s facing the Tide average 71st in the nation (and they played Chattanooga, not in the FBS 120); teams facing Stanford average 58th. Plus, Alabama faced only one team who finished the season ranked in the top 40 in rushing defense (Florida). Stanford faced 5 such teams (Oregon St, Arizona, Arizona St, Oregon, and Cal). Also, Gerhart almost lapped Ingram in rushing TDs, 26 to 15. To top it off was Gerhart’s consistency: only 2 games under 100 yards rushing – 82 and 96 – vs 5 for Ingram (including his season low 30 against Auburn). And there was Toby’s finish. In his last four games, he ran for 223 yards against Oregon (3 TDs), 178 yards at USC (3 TDs), 136 yards in the Big Game against Cal (4 TDs), and 205 yards vs Notre Dame (and 3 TDs). Stunning.

Bert’s Ballot: (1) Mark Ingram (2) C.J. Spiller (3) Toby Gerhart (4) Dion Lewis (5) Colt McCoy.

BERT SEZ: Ingram – won it with his performance against Florida; not so sure ‘Bama would be undefeated without him. Spiller – it’s a travesty he’s not going to NYC; the best all-aroung player in the country; 5 losses didn’t help his cause though. Gerhart – a beast; if Stanford had won out after the USC game, he may have won it. Lewis – about to break the Pitt freshman record of Tony Dorsett. McCoy – his bonehead play against Nebraska should cost him; Longhorn’s weak schedule doesn’t help, but their undefeated season does. Moore – Weak schedule of Boise State hurts him bur he’ll have a chance next year after Boise pounds Va Tech on October 2nd. Suh – a great game against Texas; too bad he plays defense. Tebow – not a very impressive year; gettin’ smoked by ‘Bama was the nail in his coffin. Keenum – Houston’s week schedule… we’ve seen this act before: Andre Ware, David Klingler, Kevin Kolb, etc. Rogers – Unfortunately, he plays on the left coast in the tough Pac 10.

DW’s Ballot: (1) Mark Ingram (2) Colt McCoy (3) Tim Tebow (4) Toby Gerhart (5) Ndamukong Suh

DW SEZ: Ingram – The committee has picked all QB’s since 2000 except for Reggie Bush, so I think they will favor a running back a bit.  His numbers could be higher, but he didn’t play much when Bama rolled over their early season patsies…so another vote for him and tip of the cap to Bama for not padding the numbers.  It will also help that he’s on the BCS championship team. McCoy – He’s really good at being #2 – last year’s Heisman, this year’s team ranking, one of his jersey numbers, etc. Tebow – Maybe he’ll spare us the tears he would surely crank out if he won.  I don’t think anybody has ever won 2 Heisman’s non-consecutively—so strike one.  He didn’t win last year, and his numbers and team record this year are worse –so strike two.  I think the media has used up all the special heart warming stories about Tim – nothing new to show –so strike 3—he’s outta there. Gerhart – Well he had to be 4 or 5, and I can type his name easier than the last guy, so he gets the nod.  Big problems – no white RB’s have topped the voting in at least 40 yrs.; he has a red S on his helmet; and they lost 4 games.  And they also lost their homecoming game and made Tiger look bad as the ‘special guest motivator’.   Hmm, that might be a positive now, maybe I should move him up.  Suh – thanks for spelling that for me. Hope you are right because spell checker doesn’t like it.  Maybe if I knew his nickname (surely there is one) I might have moved him up.  Being in the top 5 is pretty N’damn good for a Defensive lineman – but that’s as good as it gets.  Ever notice that the Heisman trophy is not a guy in a 3-pt. stance?

TK’s Ballot: (1) Case Keenum (2) Ndamukong Suh (3) C.J. Spiller (4) Mark Ingram (5) Dion Lewis

TK SEZ: I’m still upset that Archie can’t get two ballots and that the prison won’t let OJ send his ballot in.

Sandy’s Ballot: (1) Toby Gerhart (2) C.J. Spiller (3) Ndamukong Suh (4) Mark Ingram (5) Tim Tebow


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  1. T K says :


  2. DW says :

    Shocking! There were actually 5 times out of 50 possibilites where one of us agreed with another.

  3. T K says :

    whats shocking to me is that donald had this thought…….but then again he is so statistical and the rest of us just have common sense.

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