So What’s a Game at Neyland Like?

Today we say so long to yet another season of football played at Neyland Stadium.

You know what it’s all about.

I know what it’s all about.

The Color Orange

But, have you ever been approached by someone who has never been to a game in Knoxville and is interested in knowing what it’s like? Do you just get all babbly and googly and teary-eyed, and just end up saying, “well, you just have to go and be there for the experience“?

I did just that to a friend in California, a Cal alum, and he ended up going to the Cal-Tennessee game played at Neyland in 2006. He came back all babbly and googly and teary-eyed from the experience, even though his school got soundly thrashed. He told all his friends back in the Bay Area that didn’t go that they should have, because it would have been nothing like they had ever experienced.

So the next time you get the question, send them to this great article in two parts written by freelance writer and editor Eric Angevine who lives in Charlottesville, VA. He is a frequent contributor to and the editor of the college basketball Web site

For that matter, this is a must read even if you’ve been to a hundred games at Neyland.

Then both of you can get all babbly and googly and teary-eyed just from the read.


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    Day games are now what night games used to be – special treats.

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