Condolences for a Fallen Brother

Dear Georgia Fans,


We hardly knew 'ya good buddy...

I wanted to express my sincere condolences for the loss of Uga VII.

I heard through the dogvine that it was a rather sudden heart attack today. Even though Uga VII and I were of opposite sidelines, we had a special species bond. Any school with a canine mascot is one of my fav’s.

At only five 35 years old, it must be tough on the Georgia University family, especially the Seiler family who has tendered the pack for so many years.  Someday the Good Lord will take me, too. I’ll see you up there, Ol’ Seven, soon enough.

But until then, I’ll roam the sideline this Saturday with a tear in my eye thinking of ‘ya.


A sad Smokey IX

I've lost a friend...

Smokey IX


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2 responses to “Condolences for a Fallen Brother”

  1. T K says :

    and just before the ramblin wreck at that!!!!!!!

  2. Kumatan says :

    Thanks, Smokey, from a Georgia fan.

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