When it Rains Stupidity, It Pours Stupidity

Nyshier Oliver. Photo from UTSports.com

Dave Hooker over at GVX reported today that Tennessee freshman defensive back Nyshier Oliver was charged with theft by shoplifting hours before the Memphis game on November 7.

The citation was issued at 1:45 pm at Dillard’s Department Store, located in the West Town Mall. Game time was at 7:00 pm.

Stupid Number Four (see my previous posts on Stupid No’s One, Two, and Three – here, here, and here), pictured at left, was reportedly observed by police trying to conceal a $110 brown polo shirt in a Dillard’s bag.

Stupid’s court appearance is set for Monday November 23. According to Oskie over at 3SIB (a lawyer I’m told), he hasn’t technically been arrested yet, but likely will be.

Stupid’s only appearance in the Orange Jersey this season was in the Alabama game.


The shoplifting occurred before the armed robbery occured this past Thursday (Jeez, I can’t believe I’m writing a sentence like that). Thus, Will’s post over at RTT rightly poses these questions:

  • When did Kiffin find out about this? 
  • Did Kiffin know about Oliver’s situation on November 11, during his weekly teleconference, when he recounted Tennessee’s spotless record in terms of no arrests, etc?
  • Is it possible that Oliver kept it quiet because he wasn’t arrested, only cited, and Kiffin didn’t find out until later?

Will, thanks for these questions.


I don’t want to hear that this is just part of college football.

I don’t want to hear that we don’t recruit angels.

I want to hear the answers to Will’s three questions.


2 responses to “When it Rains Stupidity, It Pours Stupidity”

  1. DW says :

    Well, some more hot news from Knoxville! This one hasn’t crossed the state line yet, so I’ve got time to weave a good story here. Last week I was caught offguard at work when the story of our previous idiots broke on ESPN and I was informed over the top of the cubicles by a UK fan. So, I believe the rain report has progressed from a drizzle to a good steady shower, and I hope it doesn’t flood before January!

    Fred – the questions from Will are all good ones, and we can only hope the answers are just as good, but highly unlikely they will be.
    When did Kiffin find out? — Hmmm , he will surely say he did not know, and then he will have to try and explain why his players are sometimes unaccounted for.

    Here’s another good question — why would Nyshier (I had to scroll up and get that spelling) be stealing a brown shirt? Did no one tell him that color does nothing for him? Actually, I think he was shopping for a new first name, and “Polo” just captured his attention. This is embarrasing, but not a big loss for the team — when you think about it, what chance does a defensive back have of avoiding those downfield handcheck and holding penalties if he’s not quick enough to hide a shirt in a shopping bag?

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