We Ain’t Got Nothin’ But A Cheeseburger

I feel obligated to add a new category for the posts here on VITF: Police Blotter.

The news spread like a wild brush fire this morning. I first read the developing story on RTT and then on GVX. I called TK to ask if he had heard the news and he responded as if I was living under a rock. 🙂

The-Three-StoogesSo, I won’t recount any of the details – you can read them yourselves (see links at the end of this post). But needless to say (I’ve always liked that phrase), the Stupidity Meter pegged out this morning when Vol players Nu’Keese Richardson, Mike Edwards and Janzen Jackson (pictured at left) were arrested by Knoxville Police in the early hours of Thursday for attempted aggrivated robbery. All three players are 18 years old. The events occurred at the Pilot station on Cumberland Avenue.

The irony was pointed out in John Adams’ post today. The station is owned by Jim Haslam. Mr. Haslam was a player on the 1951 Vol team that won the National Championship. The Vols’ practice field is named Haslam Field.


So, for the time being, Lane Kiffin’s Street Cred, as well as the program and the University, has turned into Street Crud.

But our Coach has the opportunity to turn it back into Cred. At least as much as is possible given the circumstances of the moment.

Lane Kiffin/Mike Hamilton have a very easy decision to make: suspend all three immediately, and indefinitely until the legal system runs its course.



It is appropriate to wait until all of the information is in before handing out the inevitable excommunication sentences. But I don’t imagine that will take very long. After all, the players were arrested within an hour or so after the call came in at 1:43am.

Oh, and by the way, the attempted robbery victim said that after our Stooges demanded that three young men, who were reportedly sitting in their car waiting on a friend who was in the store, to “Give us everything you’ve got”, one of the victims recounted that he replied to the Stooges, “We ain’t got nothing but a cheeseburger.”

That’s how it was when I was a student, too.

At least that part of the world hasn’t changed.



Yahoo! Sports article.

Post on RTT.

Article on Go Vols Xtra.


UPDATE on 13 Nov 2009

Tennessee spokeswoman Tiffany Carpenter says the team will travel to Oxford without wide receiver NuKeese Richardson, safety Janzen Jackson and defensive back Mike Edwards.

According to sheriff’s officials, Richardson remains in jail in lieu of a $19,500 bond. Edwards posted a $19,500 bond, and Jackson was released on his own recognizance.

Source: Rivals.com


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10 responses to “We Ain’t Got Nothin’ But A Cheeseburger”

  1. Sandy says :

    Yep, I agree 100%… this where we find out if Kiffin has any balls.

    I understand the initial response of “we have no comment until blah, blah, blah”.

    But this does seem pretty much an open and shut case. One could argue you suspend them indefinitely right now, and then boot them for good when the legal process is done. But I would say to boot them off now for just putting themselves into this position.

  2. norcalvol says :

    Sandy – at the very least they broke curfew. That should be a game right there.

  3. DW says :

    Not even a real decision (because that would involve a choice) – just a simple action, leave all 3 in K’ville under the care of Knoxville City P.D.. If they are allowed on the sidelines, I won’t be watching the game. I agree with TK (stop a second, I have to spit) that TN will stumble this weekend. Not due to the stupidity of 3 freshmen, but just because it was in the stars. Ole Miss 27, TN 17. Maybe if I were to put some money on that it would give the Vols better chance!

  4. T K says :

    i had forgotten what an intelligent smart ass donald really was!!!!!!!!

  5. OrangeBobber says :

    I like the vols chances today although we are on the road. Ole Miss has been very inconsistent and have lost some good players to injury, especially their best defensive end. We have faced good defenses and move the ball. Hopefully the team will be focused and not caught up with all the arrest distractions. Sneed has not lived up to his big expectations from last year and I feel his confidence is wavering some this year. I know Huston Nutt always gave Fulmer fits but this is not Fulmer he is dealing with. How about TN 28, Ole Miss 21

  6. OrangeBobber says :

    I have to leave one more comment after reading DW and TK. If you substitute “Dumb” in front of that word intelligent that was used in your comment TK. I would better fit you two. Already jumping off the Lane train for one little incident. These guys are history unless the fellows in the car drop charges. For 3 cheeseburgers I believe they would really consider it. But even if that happens, I think Kiffen will ditch at least NR and ME. Jackson’s status depends on where he was at the time this went down if the facts are as we know them now.

    On another note, I heard that comment that those kids who are out that late are just looking for trouble. That must have been what TK was doing when we were in school. I don’t remember him ever going to bed for 3 or 4 am , although he was studying most of those early morning hours.

  7. Sandy says :

    I just realized I hadn’t made a prediction yet… I had one feeling for the game before the “incident” this week. But that has made me rethink.

    My first thought was that the team was on a good roll and that a bump in the road was due. Ole Miss is better football team than SC and Memphis, it’s an early start, in Oxford, and would probably defeat the Vols in a well played game by both sides.

    Now, however, I’m going to put my faith back into this coaching staff, and feel that they will use the “incident” to put a better focus on the game and draw the team together. I could be totally wrong, and they may completely unravel today. But, I’ll go with the Vols 42-27.

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