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USC LogoToday, I am pleased to have the writers over at Leftover Hot Dog (LOHD) as a guest at Vols in the Fall. LOHD is a Gamecock blog that, as they say on their site, “has worked to bring you all the Gamecocks sports info you need concerning THE University of South Carolina while mixing in the occasional tailgating story along the way or other mindless pieces of information. The LOHD blog is your independent source for Gamecock news.” It is informative, entertaining, and if nothing else has one of the best names in the blogosphere.

The authors at LOHD were kind enough to offer a Q&A trade. We both submitted questions to each other. The following, after the jump, are their answers to my questions. They have posted my answers to their questions over at LOHD. So, enjoy a Gamecock perspective.

Q: South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida are three states similar in one important respect: each state is home to an SEC school and an ACC school, both vying for in-state recruits. During Spurrier’s tenure (this is his 5th season), which school is winning the recruiting war within the Palmetto state: USC or Clemson? [the 5-year records are virtually the same] And, which is the most satisfied fan base right now?

South Carolina HelmetClemson helmetLOHD: I feel that USC is fairing better currently in the recruiting war due to the fact of the Bowden debacle late in 2008.  It helped USC get some guys that were on the fence.  It is always back and forth and it seems that each school has there territories that they do better in but currently SC is leading it seems with the highly rated guys.

I think both fan bases are pleased with their respected programs.  Each wants more and sometimes has unrealistic expectations but that is what makes football in the south so great.

Q: Gamecock QB Stephen Garcia has shown lots of promise with some downers as well. That’s to be expected from a sophomore. How do the USC faithful feel about his season so far and his future in Columbia? Knowing that Spurrier drives his young QBs hard (he was a Heisman winner at the position after all), how is the relationship between mentor and student?


Stephen Garcia

USC QB Stephen Garcia

LOHD: Just about all Carolina fans are happy with the performance of Garcia year-to-date.  He has done a lot of growing up this season and earned his stripes.  He still has the occasion of holding the ball too long or not throwing it away but he will continue to grow.  He has improved a lot since he stepped onto campus and most feel he will get better.  He has a great teacher in Spurrier, yes he can be demanding but if you listen he can teach you and make you good.  What really helped is getting a QB Coach in this year in G.A. Magnus, seems to really connect with Garcia plus adds a buffer between Spurrier and the QB.

Q: Talk about USC’s rivals in football. Specifically, is Clemson still the biggest? Talk about it until it makes your blood boil! Is Tennessee seen as a rival at all? If you had only one more game to play, and it was for the SEC East championship, and the fortune teller said you were going to win 40-0, who would you like that unfortunate soul to be – Georgia? Florida? Anybody else?


Tim Tebow_AP Photo from SIcom

No more Superman, please!

LOHD: I would say that USC’s rival is still Clemson outside of Conference but the gamecock faithful always likes to beat a UGa and a UT.  Those 3 in my opinion are the “rivals” and due in large to the fact that we compete almost always with those 3 for recruits.

In 2009, I would love to beat UF by the score of 40-0.  Just to shut the media up about Tebow and Urban.  In other year’s I would have said UGa or UT but this year I just want Tebow to not be superman.

Q: Saturday’s game is on national TV on Halloween. What uniform combination would you like to see the Vols and Gamecocks use to commemorate the occasion?

LOHD: Ha, good question – for UT and USC, I would like to see them dressed as their mascots….could you imagine a bunch of guys dressed as “volunteers” chasing chickens…I mean of course roosters with spurs (i.e gamecocks).


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5 responses to “Q & A with Leftover Hot Dog”

  1. DW says :

    good stuff LOHD.
    If you re-fire your imagination about the mascot uniforms, it’s much easier to see a TN hound dog chasing those roosters! I’m not sure what he would do if he caught one.
    I agree with you about Garcia growing up this year, but he was a little more exciting to watch last year when he was young and wild — big plays and big mistakes makes an exciting game if you’re not a season ticket holder!
    From the opponents view, there’s not much I enjoy more than a play that makes Spurrier slam his visor into the ground! The TV crews used to do a great job of watching for that moment. I was wondering if the USC crowd watches for it to happen?

    • LOHD says :

      We surely do watch for Spurrier to throw his visor but I must say he has become more reserved over the years. Coaching at USC has helped to usher in a new perspective and patience. But he is still very fixed on winning and perfection from the QB. Seems now that when he throws – it you know he is disgusted with what occured.

  2. T K says :


  3. norcalvol says :

    No doubt that Spurrier has an overall calmer demeanor compared to his days in Florida. Your point about the effect on him being at USC is an interesting one.
    I have heard a couple of pundits say that Spurrier is cruising – spending more time on the golf course.
    I don’t think that is in his DNA. I think you are spot on – he is still fixed on winning and perfection. That IS in his DNA. Some people mistake his calmer nature to a different attitude.
    Having said that, my wife and I do like to watch him on the sidelines to see if his head will explode at some point. 🙂

    I say that kindly. I have always liked Spurrier a lot – he has influenced the game the way it is played.
    And, he played his high school ball just down the road from my hometown in Tennessee. He was all-state in baseball, basketball, and football. He never lost a game as their best starting pitcher – they won the state championships twice. His basketball exploits are legendary. And of course, he was even better on the football field – QB, RB, PK, and punter. One of the greatest natural athletes of his generation.

    He is the real deal.

  4. AB says :

    Being a USC Alum that not only grew up in GA but also lives in the Atlanta area now, I would say I would rather beat UGA than anyone else. Even though Clemson is our main rival, I always root against UGA. UT is a close third, but that has more to do with the success that UT has had against USC than the fans or the program itself. Haven’t made it up to Knoxville yet, but hope to show up 2 years from now for the next one.

    Also, I am very pleased with Garcia’s improvements this year, but it makes me wish he would have stayed out of trouble. This was the first Spring Training and first Fall Camp he ever had. Could be a lot better if he had the extra practice and film sessions.

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