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Early 2012 college football polls — setting Southern Cal up for a big fall?

Matt Hinton (aka Dr. Saturday) wrote an article on the outlook of the LSU Tigers for 2012. He remarked not only how much talent the Tigers will be losing to the NFL but also how young this 2011 team really was. Young enough to be named the Number One ranked team in the majority of early 2012 polls.

In his assessment of the polls recently published by Rivals, Sports Illustrated, The Sporting News, ESPN, USA Today, Athlon, CBS, SBN, The Mercury-News, and The Orlando Sentinel, Hinton averaged all of the rankings to come up with an early 2012 consensus poll. Here they are.

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The Bloom of the Rose

In this age of instant gratification, the life of a head football coach, especially in the SEC, is filled with the stress of having to produce W’s, regardless of the circumstances.

I have written about this topic, on this site, a few times.

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Idiot Wind

‘It’ has already started. ‘It’ always starts with just a few comments, and then builds and builds until the noise is so loud that your either have to simply turn it off or you become pulled into it by some mysterious gravational force.

It’s basically a decision based on personality.

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Blueprint for a Fantasy

Florida Gators vs. Tennessee Volunteers
Saturday 17 September 2011 | 3:30 pm EDT
Ben Hill Griffin Stadium | Gainesville, FL | CBS-TV 

Contemplating the Vols’ visit to Gainesville this Saturday made me think about the last visit to The Swamp. Many predicted the No.1 Gators would destroy Tennessee that day and give Lane Kiffin the spanking that he deserved.

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Act Like A Champion

When Derek Dooley was hired to fill the gaps (plural) left in the wake of Lane Kiffin’s disappearing act, there was one hole as deep and wide as an ocean – a cultural abyss.

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The Kiff that Keeps On Giving

Cam Newton got a pass because the NCAA’s investigation indicated that he was not aware of his father’s pay-for-play scheme. And, because there was no link to Auburn either, they were allowed to win the SEC and national championships on the field. There was, of course, rampant speculation and all kinds of correlations leading to causation, implicating Cam and his father and Auburn and Mississippi State and the SEC and the NCAA and, well, why not throw in Mubarak?

It was only a matter of time before Lane Kiffin’s name surfaced with all of this.

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Pants on Fire

The NCAA slipped the invoice under Tennessee’s door on Wednesday. Then, the university released it to the world for viewing, minus a few redactions. More on that later.

First, the timeline. Tennessee has 90 days to respond to NCAA’s 26-page Notice of Allegations regarding the Vol football and men’s basketball programs. The university will then make an appearance before the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions in Indianapolis, anticipated to be June 10 and 11. A convenient time – long after the basketball season has finished and long enough before kickoff in September.

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Like Brothers

Ben and Luther took their Monday lunch like most Mondays, at the Cracker Barrel where the Cosby Highway meets I-40, just a couple of miles south of downtown Newport. The topic of conversation was pretty much what it always is, on Monday or any other day – Tennessee Vols football.

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This Win’s For You

Kentucky vs. Tennessee | 27 Nov 2010 | Neyland Stadium

12:21 pm EST | SEC Network/ESPN3.com

Let’s not forget what Saturday really is.

Kevin Cooper, Chad Cunningham, Savion Frazier, Gerald Jones, Daniel Lincoln, Ben Martin, Denarius Moore, Nick Reveiz, Jerrod Shaw, Luke Stocker, Victor Thomas, LaMarcus Thompson, Chris Walker, Gerald Williams, and Tyler Wolf.

These are the senior lettermen. These are The Group That Never Quit, so eloquently named by senior wide receiver Gerald Jones.

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A Meditation on Losing in 2010

Where are Dooley's Vols headed?

I was thinking, while watching an NFL pre-season game this week with family on vacation at the South Carolina coast, that I had never given much thought to the fact that college football has no pre-season games. The NFL has four; the NCAA has none.

Then I asked the question: how reliable are NFL pre-season games as an indicator of the future? The trite answer came first to my mind: not much, as pre-season games do not have the same sense of urgency as a regular-season game.

But the second answer that dawned on me seemed more relevant to the matters at hand: NFL pre-season games give us a helluva lot more indication of future performance than the sundry workouts and scrimmages held on a college campus in August.

And, that’s all we’ve had in the days leading up to the 2010 season opener days – workouts and scrimmages. Nothing more. Read More…

Heute spreche ich ein weing Deutsch

I wonder if he was thinking about how the grass ain't always greener somewhere else...

I love the German language. Mark Twain expressed a different view, but I have always thought he was just having a little fun while secretely admiring the oddities of it all.

It’s the compound words with no direct translation to English that I adore.

Today’s example is Schadenfreude.

The literal translation is”damage joy”. It’s usual meaning is something like “taking pleasure in the misfortune of others.”

Now I don’t tend to engage in this type of practice for reasons that should be obvious to sane, compassionate people.

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The Rich Fabric of Tennessee Volunteer Football

On Rocky Top: A Front-Row Seat To The End of an Era. By Clay Travis. ItBooks; 337 pages; $25.99.

It is Monday, September 1, 2008. In the visiting locker room of the Rose Bowl Stadium, Phillip Fulmer, the second most successful coach in Tennessee football history in terms of wins, on his birthday, has just led his warriors in reciting Robert Neyland’s Seven Game Maxims. He then instills in his troops a feeling of timeless tradition before they take the field to open the 2008 season opener against UCLA: “Believe in your brothers all the way back to the twenties that have said these Maxims. Understand what you stand for by putting on that orange shirt and that T on your helmet.”

In less than three months, Coach Fulmer will be fired, and that timeless tradition will be tested by the hiring of a complete outsider, Lane Kiffin, who as we know now, will also be gone a season later.

Clay Travis, a sports columnist, an attorney living in Nashville, the grandson of a Vol who played for General Neyland in the 1930s, and an unabashed Tennessee football junkie who did not attend UT but traces his Vol fandom to watching the 1986 Sugar Bowl victory over Miami as a six-year old, was given access to the locker room and the sideline to write a book about a season that became one of the most memorable in the annals of Volunteer football. Read More…

Why Derek Dooley Is A Good Hire for Tennessee

He certainly has credentials. He’s been a positions coach—wide receivers, running backs, tight ends. He’s been a special teams coordinator. He’s been a recruiting coordinator. He’s done most of this under Nick Saban, both in the SEC and in the NFL. He’s been a head coach. And, he’s been an athletic director. And, he has the lineage, being the son of a coaching legend.

But even if you didn’t know this about Derek Dooley before Friday night’s press conference, you likely came away “dooley” impressed. I certainly was.

What impressed me the most was his reference to his personal history of getting out of his “comfort zone.” That is the trait of a successful person, one who continually stretches themselves beyond limits and boundaries. Read More…

A Final Look at the Short Road from Kiffin to Dooley

This past week promised to be slow, until Lane Kiffin left for Trojan Town and started a coaching search party with a rock-painting contest and a T-shirt burning party.

Hammy Dusted Off Last Year’s Target List

After Kiffin dropped the bomb that set off the week’s nuclear chain reaction, Mike Hamilton hoped we would have a new coach by the end of Friday, or Saturday, or Sunday, depending on what you were reading. On Friday morning, when Tennessee was 0-for-4 or -5 or -6, again depending on what you were reading, it felt like we might not have a coach until the Orange and White Game, or maybe even an interim situation for a year. Read More…

Watch List

God only knows. God help us.

UT Athletic Director Mike Hamilton let it be known what his working philosophy is:

“Most of you know that I have this feeling that you should always be prepared as an AD for any change that comes about. It is inevitable from time to time and that allowed us to get on the move very quickly and we are down that road. I don’t like to put too many timetables on anything of this nature, but everybody knows that we are about to hit a live recruiting period again and this is an absolutely critical time for our program as it relates to wrapping up recruiting and approaching signing day. We will work very diligently to bring closure to this process as quickly as possible so that we can bring the right head coach here for our student-athletes, for our university and for our fans.”

Feel better? I will when this is all over. I think. Depends, doesn’t it?

So, here’s not what makes sense, necessarily, but what’s being mentioned, as of this evening, by folks who should know (better)… Read More…

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