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Taking Stock of Weeks 1 and 2

As we all brace ourselves for the trip to the Swamp this Saturday, let’s have a no-frills look at the separate components of the Vol performances during the first two games. Read More…

No One Is Bigger Than The Orange Jersey

Imagine this…

Consider for a moment that you are Derek Dooley.

You inherited a program that was low on talent (at least relative to our history). But you had at least one true star- Janzen Jackson.

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Stuck Inside of Nashville with the Baton Rouge Blues Again

North Carolina 30  Tennessee 27 (2 OT)
Music City Bowl | 30 Dec 2010 | LF Field (Nashville) | 69,143
RecapBoxscorePlay-by-playDrive Chart


And here I sit so patiently
Waiting to find out what price
You have to pay to get out of
Going through all these things twice.

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The Lucky One – Part 2

Carlton was finishing up his medical school residency in Philadelphia, after graduating from the Temple University school of medicine, when he met Reggie White.

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A Fumble and a Fake Punt

Tennessee 24  Kentucky 14

27 Nov 2010 | Neyland Stadium | 101,170

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Everything changed with a fumble.

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Marinating 25 with 517 for your Thanksgiving Feast

Here we are once again, in anticipation of facing a long-standing adversary who would like a win more than oxygen to live. The Kentucky Wildcats desperately want to erase a slate currently littered with embarrassing numbers. We had better be ready and equipped with our A-game.

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It’s a Good Thing We Played Vandy

Tennessee 24  Vanderbilt 10

20 Nov 2010 | Vanderbilt Stadium | 37,017

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I’m going to resist temptation and not get hopping mad. We won, even though we played a horrible second half. It wasn’t pretty, and at times it was pure infuriation. But, we won.

I suppose it is a sign of improvement when we can get upset with how we play when we win – we’ve moved on from just hoping for a win against anybody. But it was troubling nonetheless.

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A Day in the Sun

Tennessee 52  Mississippi 14

13 Nov 2010 | Neyland Stadium | 96,044

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The Tennessee Vols looked like a bunch of youngsters with their whole lives ahead of them, without a care in the world. The Ole Miss Rebels looked old, tired, confused, and not up to the challenge.

As predicted, Tyler Bray used a beautiful autumn afternoon to cement his place as the Vols’ QB. All he did was display a cool, calm, almost a caution-to-the-wind demeanor, throwing 18-of-34 for 323 yards, 3 TDs, and no INTs.

Furthermore, he gave this football program a fresh coat of beautiful, orange paint. Yes, he made mistakes today, including many throws that were not nearly as accurate as desired, but he made some drop-dead, beautifully-paced throws to receivers who are beginning to believe that Christmas happens every Saturday.

After all, Santa Claus is now a tall, skinny dude from the southern San Joaquin Valley.

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Oregon vs Tennessee: It Feels Like Rain

Oregon vs. Tennessee | 11 Sep 2010 | Neyland Stadium

7:00pm EDT | ESPN2 and ESPN3.com

I’ve been looking forward to this one for some time, as I love intersectional games. One of the most exciting, dynamic football programs comes to Knoxville Saturday night as the defending Pac-10 champions, ranked #7 in the AP poll (#8 in the Coaches’ poll). This year’s starting squad brings 17 out of 22 back from last season. More than relying on just experience, the Ducks kill their prey with speed and physical play within a very disciplined construct on both sides of the ball, including special teams. They are simply very, very good in every facet of the game.
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Scrimmage: “A practice match held for practice purposes.”

A definition that pretty much says it all. So, let’s be totally ridiculous and pick it apart, give it meaning that it doesn’t deserve, and get all worried about our fortunes for the upcoming season. After all, isn’t that what most of the VolNation do as a full-time hobby?

Can Nick Stephens (#17) gain the reigns of what would make his choice of coming to UT worthwhile? Photo from GoVolsXtra.com

Behind closed doors, Dooley’s boys entertained no one but themselves in the Spring’s First Scrimmage on April Fool’s Day (a nice touch of scheduling by Dooley just in case everything went horribly bad).

Apparently, the offense started poorly against a defense that has more experience playing with each other, but in the end, the offense perked up against the defense that reportedly got a bit too high on themselves.

Senior QB Nick Stephens was 3-for-9 passing for 6 yards. Junior college transfer Matt Simms was 6-of-20 for 83 yards and a TD, and freshman Tyler Bray was 8-of-13 for 69 yards and a score. WR Zach Rogers caught a 22-yard TD pass from Simms near the end of the scrimmage. Read More…

The Streak Turns Silver

Recap /   Box Score /  Play-by-Play /  Drive Chart

The self-proclaimed biggest game ever played for a generation of Kentucky football fans in front of 70,981 turned into more of the same Saturday night:

  1. A dog-fight of a Boarder-State Rivalry War; and
  2. A Tennessee victory.

With a win on Saturday, Kentucky would have fulfilled a string of significant accomplishments for their improving program under coach Rich Brooks.

  • An 8-4 regular season, the first 8-win regular season since 1984.
  • A second place finish in the SEC East for the first time since the realignment of the conference in 1992 and best SEC finish since 1977 (when they tied for first with Alabama).
  • A likely New Years’ Day bowl date for the first time since the 1998 season (Outback Bowl, Jan 1, 1999 vs Penn State).
  • And perhaps, most importantly, an end to The Streak – 24 consecutive losses to their bitter, long-time, border state rival.

But, would have didn’t materialize. Read More…

We Really Don’t Know Anything

On Monday, Jackson’s court date was canceled. On Tuesday, Jackson was back on the practice field named after the former Vol that owns the convenience store at which his “buddies” may have committed a felony. However…

We don’t know who really made the decision to reinstate Janzen Jackson to the team – Kiffin, Hamilton, Simek (UT’s Interim President) – and we don’t know all the facts that were considered in the decision-making process.

We don’t know where Janzen Jackson was at the time of the holdup. His lawyer, an advocate for his client, said he was in the back seat of Marie Montmarquet’s car. The store clerk reportedly said that a football player was inside the store acting strangely at the approximate time of the holdup. One of the persons subject of the holdup indicated that a third person came over and told the two pranksters-with-guns to get out of Dodge.

We don’t know if Janzen Jackson was given a drug test after his arrest. Remember, he was suspended for the Memphis game four days before his arrest for, by some accounts, failing a drug test. And obviously, if he was given a drug test, we don’t know the results, and if he wasn’t given a drug test, we don’t know why. Read More…

Morsels to Chew On and Questions to Ponder

Janzen Jackson

Prosecutors announced Monday morning that charges of attempted aggravated robbery were being dropped against Janzen Jackson, 18 and Marie Montmarquet, the woman accused of acting as a getaway driver in a botched holdup Nov. 12 outside the Pilot convenience store on Cumberland Avenue. Charges against two former players, Nu’Keese Richardson, 18, and Mike Edwards, 18, still stand, according to Randy Nichols, Knox County district attorney general. Also, the charge against Ms. Montmarquet for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia will proceed. Read More…

What is an Incident?

Yesterday we reported on the shoplifting charge handed to Vol freshman Nyshier Oliver for his alleged attempted to steal a shirt from a Knoxville store on the afternoon of November 7 before the evening’s game against Memphis. In our article, we restated questions posed by Will over at RTT – three important questions that pointed directly at the credibility of Lane Kiffin’s previous statements:

  • When did Kiffin find out about this?
  • Did Kiffin know about Oliver’s situation on November 11, during his weekly teleconference, when he recounted Tennessee’s spotless record in terms of no arrests, etc?
  • Is it possible that Oliver kept it quiet because he wasn’t arrested, only cited, and Kiffin didn’t find out until later?
Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin's recent use of the word "incident" prompts larger questions.

Dave Hooker’s article posted this morning on GVX indicates that Kiffin knew about Oliver’s shoplifting citation the day it happened. Hooker reports that UT spokeswoman Tiffany Carpenter confirmed Wednesday morning that Oliver wasn’t allowed to dress for the Memphis game and also was punished internally.


When Kiffin was asked about the arrests of Nu’Keese Richardson, Mike Edwards, and Janzen Jackson in last week’s robbery fiasco, which occurred five days after the alleged shoplifting, the Vol head coach stated, “We made it 11 months and 11 days without any incidents.”

So, Kiffin knew about Oliver’s citation when he made his now-famous 11-month/11-day statement.

That means either (1) the Nyshier Oliver shoplifting citation, delivered by an officer of the law, is not an “incident”, or (2) something else.

Since I’d rather not get into (2) at this stage of the game, we now have a new question: What is an incident? Read More…

Richardson and Edwards Are Vols No Longer

GVX reported this morning that Nu’Keese Richardson and Mike Edwards have been dismissed from the team by Head Coach Lane Kiffin. The status of Janzen Jackson remains the same as of yesterday - he will not be allowed to participate in team activities. Read More…

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