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Hail to the Chief!

The Kansas City Chiefs have a long and rich tradition of football with a stable ownership, quality facilities, and a large, passionate fan-base. The club honors their past heroes with a team Hall-of-Fame: The Chiefs have the second highest number of club HOF’ers next to the Green Bay packers. Twelve players and two head coaches are in the NFL’s Hall of Fame. Arrowhead Stadium has just been renovated and has the 4th largest seating capacity of NFL stadiums (approx. 77,000). Dating back to the Chiefs’ home opener in 1991, the Chiefs had 156 consecutive sellout games until the final home game of the 2009 season. This was accomplished in the 6th smallest media market of all NFL teams. The tailgating scene at Arrowhead is reportedly one of the very best, college or pro. And, their uniforms have that quality, traditional look. Read More…

Hokies Gobble Up The Vols

Recap ♦♦♦ Box Score ♦♦♦ Play-by-Play ♦♦♦ Drive Chart

Lane Kiffin's head hurt Thursday night, too, just like mine. Photo by Amy Smotherman Burgess.

After you subtract the 55 yards the Vols lost by Jonathan Crompton getting sacked six times, Tennessee was left with 5 net yards rushing on Thursday night. Five. Thank goodness Montario Hardesty was able to get all 39 yards, or we would have been deep into negative numbers.

Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin was quoted as saying “I was surprised we weren’t able to run the ball better.”

You and the entire Vol Nation, Lane.

Tip your orange hats to the Hokies, because they handed the orange arses back to the Vol players. Especially to Tennessee’s offensive line.

The Hokies were known as a great defensive squad against the pass, but known as a vulnerable unit against good running teams. The Hokies were known as one of the worst pass rush protection offensive lines in Division I, and the Vols were highly recognized as one of the nation’s best offensive lines against the dreaded sack.

I guess the magnetic field of the earth switched poles while everybody was busy unwrapping Christmas gifts last week.

It was the night of a blue moon after all… Read More…

Peach Bowl Game Preview

Welcome back, Vols, to the bowl game scene.

Sorry, S. Truett Cathy, but it's still the Peach Bowl. On second thought, after a little research, I'm not sorry at all.

A one-year layoff seems like a decade. That sentiment seems like it was motivation for Vol defensive tackle Wes Brown and company. “It’s all been about hard work and pulling together under coach Kiffin and really believing in each other,” Brown said upon arriving in Atlanta on Christmas. “We had a year last year where we were sitting at home for Christmas, and it was terrible to be honest with you. None of us wanted that again. We all went to work and made a promise to each other that wasn’t going to happen again. We were going to go somewhere, we’re going to end up somewhere and have a good time in January or December.”

Indeed it is good to be back playing in December/January. Considering our season’s performance, I think the opponent, the venue, and the date (a New Year’s Eve night) is a great way to end our season. We are fortunate to be where we are right now, and I’m looking forward to the challenge that the Hokies will give us. The matchup is terrific in many aspects. Here are my views on what should be a very entertaining game. Read More…

Ingram Eeks It Out

In what was announced as the closest (28 total points / 5 first-place votes) contest ever for the most prestigious college football award, Mark Ingram of Alabama wins the 75th Heisman Trophy Award.

According to the ESPN story, here are the numbers:

  • Ingram: 1,304 total points • 227 first-place votes
  • Gerhart: 1,276 total points • 222 first-place votes
  • McCoy: 1,145 total points • 203 first-place votes

Ndamukong Suh was fourth; Tim Tebow finished fifth.

The previous closest vote in Heisman history came in 1985, when Auburn’s Bo Jackson beat Iowa quarterback Chuck Long by 45 points.

Mark Ingram, Alabama running back, accepts the 75th Heisman Trophy Award Saturday night in New York. Getty Images.

When Ingram’s name was announced, it was a very emotional moment, as it often times is. The tears flowed freely once Mark reached the podium. And when his first words came, the tears came more freely.

No matter how you felt about the outcome (and I’m clearly on the record that Stanford RB Toby Gerhart was the deserving winner, even though the VITF group tally went for Ingram), looking at Mark Ingram standing at the podium made you very happy for him. How could you not be?

But he composed himself and delivered a short, eloquent speech. He thanked people directly: family, school officials, coaches, teammates, trainers, and his fellow Heisman candidates. It meant a lot to him to be the first Alabama player to win the award. It meant a lot to him to be the newest member of the Heisman Family.

He briefly lifted the trophy, shook hands with the former award winners who were lined at the back of the small stage, and that was it.

Meanwhile… Read More…

The Streak Turns Silver

Recap /   Box Score /  Play-by-Play /  Drive Chart

The self-proclaimed biggest game ever played for a generation of Kentucky football fans in front of 70,981 turned into more of the same Saturday night:

  1. A dog-fight of a Boarder-State Rivalry War; and
  2. A Tennessee victory.

With a win on Saturday, Kentucky would have fulfilled a string of significant accomplishments for their improving program under coach Rich Brooks.

  • An 8-4 regular season, the first 8-win regular season since 1984.
  • A second place finish in the SEC East for the first time since the realignment of the conference in 1992 and best SEC finish since 1977 (when they tied for first with Alabama).
  • A likely New Years’ Day bowl date for the first time since the 1998 season (Outback Bowl, Jan 1, 1999 vs Penn State).
  • And perhaps, most importantly, an end to The Streak – 24 consecutive losses to their bitter, long-time, border state rival.

But, would have didn’t materialize. Read More…

And that was a d*mn good answer :)

So the TV crew is interviewing fans during pre-game festivities about their thoughts on the Tennessee / Vanderbilt rivalry.   A gentleman dressed in black and gold made the following comment:

” the Vandy UT rivalry is all about pride. And about what is best for Tennessee.. and shows the best for Tennesse”

And a gentleman dressed in Orange standing next to him replied:

“And that was a damn good answer”

Read More…

“Same Ol’ Vandy” Has a Double Meaning

The lovable Commodores bring their 2-9 record and 7-game losing streak to Neyland Stadium for the 2009 season home finale Saturday night. The Vols have won 25 out of the last 26 over Vanderbilt.

Same ol’ Vandy.

That’s how the nation sees it. Typical Vol supremacy.

Tennessee fans, especially those of us who have been around a while, know that the last quarter-century W-L record doesn’t reflect what goes on most of the time when these schools meet on the field. Read More…

Tennessee vs Ole Miss for Lunch

Ole Miss vs Tenn

As game day approaches, usually beginning Wednesday afternoon like a scratchy throat signaling the ultimate chest-flim fest, paranoia starts to seep in, no matter who the opponent. It starts to settle in on Thursday like a relative who lost his job and just moved in with you and the Misses. By Friday, it’s a full-fledged 103.5-degree fever, with night sweats and up at 2 am to vomit your Orange Confidence.

No matter how well your team has been playing, there is Potential Death standing right around the corner. “This might be the game the wheels come off” you tell yourself. “This might be the day that the New Year’s Day Dream vaporizes into a mist with a foul odor that hangs around well into December” you say to yourself while cutting yourself shaving.

So, to say the least, I’m worried. Read More…

Vols Mug Memphis Early for a 56-28 Win

Tenn-Mem Scoreboard

Recap /   Box Score /  Play-by-Play /  Drive Chart

Memphis must have read my pre-game post, because they obviously expected what I thought Tennessee would do – run baby run. I’m glad I have found a role to help the Vols – I play the red herring – for Memphis stacked the box much of the first half waiting for Montario Hardesty to run.

Instead, Tennessee went aerial and bombarded the Tigers for 300 passing yards in the first half alone on their way to a convincing Homecoming victory, setting them up for the critical final stretch run.

This is an aggressive coaching staff and the aggressiveness paid big dividends tonight. Memphis played the run and paid the price.

Just use the tip jar on your way out. Blog Master Fred appreciates your support.

Read More…

Game Preview: Tennessee vs (21) South Carolina

UT vs S Car

UT-USC Chess Match

This All Hallow’s Eve matchup gives us two of the great coaching minds of a generation. Will the game become a chess match between a high-powered Spurrier passing game against Monte’s vaunted defense?

To answer this question, let’s think about the major strengths and weaknesses of this season’s South Carolina Gamecocks, and the Vols on the opposite side of those weaknesses.

Read More…

(1) Alabama 12 Tennessee 10: Game Summary


Attendance (Bryant-Denny Stadium):  92,012

Recap /   Box Score /  Play-by-Play /  Drive Chart

I’m back. Somewhat rested. Still wondering what to make of it all. But in the spirit of moving forward, here’s the game recap, possession by possession.

Technical DifficultiesBut first, a word from our… Oops. Technical difficulties. Do not try to adjust your set. Or your headset…

Right before kickoff, it becomes apparent that the Tennessee coaching staff is discussing the possible sabotage of their headsets. Yes, it is just a coincidence, I’m sure. Faulty wiring or just a bad connector. Right. So the officials rule that both teams’ staffs must remove the headsets until the “problem is fixed.” The “problem” is “fixed” after only a couple of plays.

A red rat chewing through a wire no doubt…

Read More…

Game Preview: Alabama vs. Tennessee

Sat 24 Oct 2009 • 3:30 pm ET • Bryant-Denny Stadium • Tuscaloosa

Alabama Helmet_BIGTennessee Helmet_BIG

Tennessee rolls into T-Town on Saturday, fresh from a bye week. Alabama looks invincible after leap-frogging Florida in the AP poll to the nation’s number one team. Tennessee is trying to rebuild a depleted program. Alabama is trying to build a dynasty. Tennessee’s coach is hated as a loud-mouthed fraud. Alabama’s coach is hated as a narcissistic liar. If you wear the orange, you hate the crimson. If you don the crimson, you hate the orange. Yankees-Red Sox. Lakers-Celtics. Packers-Bears. Canadiens-Maple Leafs. Manchester United-Liverpool.


For those who thought that this rivalry had lost its spark, I believe Saturday will give evidence that it is back in full voice. Whatever it is – Lane Kiffin’s request to wear orange in enemy territory, or the festering residual of Fulmer’s snitching – I haven’t felt or heard this level of disgust out of the Crimson Tide supporters over our fair Big Orange in several years. Seems like old times. Glad things are back to normal. I was afraid there for a while that we were going to make nice.

Given this landscape – if it is possible to maintain a shadow of objectivity about Saturday’s game – let me try to give a neutral perspective on what to look for on Saturday.

Read More…

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