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Butch Jones: The Choice to Conduct Yet Another Rebuild at Tennessee

This morning, the University of Tennessee announced that Butch Jones, the University of Cincinnati’s head man for the past three seasons, is the choice of Dave Hart.

As of the time of the announcement, Jones was not the choice of the majority of the Vol Nation.

Even with the lucrative price tag of $18 million over six years, he likely wasn’t Tennessee’s first choice, or second choice, or third choice. He likely wasn’t in the top twenty of desired candidates for the vast majority of fans.

But, regardless of the secrecy of the actual process, executed priorities, and actual timeline of the search, Butch Jones is now the head coach of the Vols.

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Is it Time to Push the Panic Button?

Not yet.

But that depends on what actually is going on.

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Vol Nation Comes Back to Earth: Straight Down from Space without a Parachute

Grudenmania crashed and burned on Friday. The only thing that remains are ashes that still smolder.

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The Dreaded Snowman

Kentucky Wildcats vs. Tennessee Volunteers
Saturday 24 November 2012 | 12:21pm EST
Neyland Stadium (102,455) | Knoxville, TN | SEC Network


If you are a golfer, you know what I’m talking about.

If you are a Tennessee Vols fan, you should know what I’m referring to.

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The Dave Hart Show

Today at 2:00pm EST, Tennessee AD Dave Hart took to the microphone. Then with his words, during an introductory statement and followup answers to questions from the media, Mr. Hart made it clear that he is his own man and is in control of the current coaching situation.

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Dooley Fired

After last night’s disaster, the only surprise is that nobody knew at what time this would be announced.

An official announcement was released by the university this morning after 11:00 am EST.

Tennessee Athletic Director Dave Hart released this statement:

Derek and I met early this morning, and I informed him that I believed a change in leadership, despite the positive contributions he has made to the overall health of the program, was in the best long-term interests of Tennessee football. We will immediately begin the search for the best possible candidate to assume this leadership role.

The university’s statement also indicated that Dooley will not coach this coming Saturday against Kentucky. Offensive Coordinator Jim Chaney will be the interim.

A press conference will be held in Knoxville at 2:00pm EST. It is widely reported that Dooley will not be in attendance.

More will be posted later today, including a requiem on last night’s embarrassment.

Tennessee-Vanderbilt Preview: The Game as a Mere Distraction

Vanderbilt Commodores vs. Tennessee Volunteers
Saturday 17 November 2012 | 7:00pm EST
Vanderbilt Stadium (40,550) | Nashville, TN | ESPN2


Absolutely everything has been discussed this week within the VolNation. Everything except the upcoming football game.

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Vol Karma: Breaking the Groundhog Day Syndrome

Missouri 51  Tennessee 48 (4 OT)
10 November 2012 | Neyland Stadium | ATT: 89,272
Recap | Boxscore | Play-by-Play | Drive Chart | Photos | Video  


In the first half, the Tennessee defense held Missouri to 7 points (scored on a kickoff return for a TD), only 27 snaps, no big plays (none >20 yards), no Red Zone visits, only 4 first downs, and only 64 total yards.

Then, after taking the second-half opening kickoff, Kendial Lawrence ran a rather simple misdirection running play up the middle for 77 yards and a TD.

It cut the Tennessee lead to 21-14.

It cut a big hole in what confidence Sal Sunseri’s defensive troops may have gathered during the opening half.

It cut open the floodgates of the habit of losing.

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Rebuilding and Recovery In Knoxville

The public response to the Vols’ loss in Starkville last Saturday at Mississippi State was swift. It was also predictable since that game, before kickoff, was christened a crucial game in the career of head coach Derek Dooley.

I’ve stayed out of the Dooley-Must-Go vs. Dooley-Must-Stay debate, because I think it premature for a number of reasons. Highly entertaining, but premature.

This week, I’ve had the opportunity to take some long drives (for work) accompanied by broadcasts of various talk shows on the two major sports radio stations in Knoxville. A lot of hysteria. Some reasoned discussion. Mostly food for further consideration.

It all made me think about the time that the Tennessee Volunteer football program underwent a full-fledged rebuilding program, how the dark days of the last 2+ years are part of a genuine rebuilding phase requiring more than simply a ‘reloading’ effort, and most importantly how hiring even the best coach in the land to stem the tide of decline is not a sure recipe for a quick recovery.

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Collateral Damage

Deborah (Debbie) Jennings filed a lawsuit in Federal court against the University of Tennessee and Dave Hart, UT’s Athletic Director. Ms. Jennings was the long-time Media Relations Director of the UT Women’s Athletic Department. She was an employee since 1977, became the first Lady Vol Sports Information Director in 1978, and ran the Media Relations Office until 2009 when the men’s and women’s Media Relations Departments were consolidated.

Jennings later resigned under pressure, as recounted in court papers.

But it was recently when the lawsuit gained national attention after Pat Summitt was made part of the legal festivities that the damage to hundreds of thousands of alumni and friends of the University was done.

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Everything’s coming up roses

Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley hosted a session for the media on Tuesday morning in Knoxville. It was quite the feel-good festival on nearly the 40th day since his last public commentary following the disaster in Lexington. He obviously had a lot of ground to cover, and not just because of the amount of time that has elapsed since his last appearance. A lot has happened since he walked out of Commonwealth Stadium.

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At the Knoxville Quarterback Club this past Monday, University of Tennessee Athletic Director Dave Hart came “to talk about leadership” with the UT football faithful. I was in attendance for his presentation.

UT Athletic Director Dave Hart

In reflecting on the talk, it seems to me that Dave Hart was consciously trying to distance himself from his predecessor, Mike Hamilton, with not only the emphasis on “leadership” but also the concept of “putting the student-athlete first.” Of course, it remains to be seen whether this will actually take place, or is simply a matter of public relations. If true, it could be a welcome change from the previous athletic director, who seemed to be interested first and foremost with wringing every last penny from fans, contributors to the athletic department, and service providers; with his main focii being the bottom line and then the happiness of the wealthiest contributors.

It also struck me that Hart genuinely enjoyed being among the Tennessee fans; and while coming to the Quarterback Club – and speaking and interacting with this segment of the fanbase – might have been an inconvenience, he never let on that it was anything but a pleasure.

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Idiot Wind

‘It’ has already started. ‘It’ always starts with just a few comments, and then builds and builds until the noise is so loud that your either have to simply turn it off or you become pulled into it by some mysterious gravational force.

It’s basically a decision based on personality.

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