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Campaign to Fill Neyland Stadium

Now that former Vol Ball Head Coach Bruce Pearl has taken a job as V.P. of Marketing for Knoxville-based H.T. Hackney, I am consumed with an idea… Read More…

Temporary Like Achilles

Achilles, the Greek hero of the Trojan War, was invulnerable in all of his body except for his heel – he died because of a small wound there.

Ah, yes, those deadly weak spots we all have.

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Land of the Setting Sun

UT Athletic Director Mike Hamilton simply doesn’t have the qualifications for his job.

Fundraising, Hamilton’s arguable strength, is a large part of his responsibility. But so is representing his university with intelligence and forethought.

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Pants on Fire

The NCAA slipped the invoice under Tennessee’s door on Wednesday. Then, the university released it to the world for viewing, minus a few redactions. More on that later.

First, the timeline. Tennessee has 90 days to respond to NCAA’s 26-page Notice of Allegations regarding the Vol football and men’s basketball programs. The university will then make an appearance before the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions in Indianapolis, anticipated to be June 10 and 11. A convenient time – long after the basketball season has finished and long enough before kickoff in September.

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Show Me Your Pearly Whites

John Pennington over at MrSEC.com has one of the lines of the year.

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He’s Seen the Future, and It Ain’t Pretty

Did you see Derek Dooley’s media comments on Monday September 13? His comments were interesting, insightful, and honest as always.

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Painful Emptiness

Michigan State 70  Tennessee 69
Midwest Regional Finals
Sunday 28 March 2010
St. Louis, MO


Renaldo Woodridge (#0) and Scotty Hopson (#32) show how much this one hurts. Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images.

This one hurts so bad. And, it will hurt for a long, long time.

But the hurt was worth it. We proved we belonged in the Regional Finals. We became the focus of the entire college basketball scene for a portion of an afternoon. We overcame a potentially team-destroying event (the famous Incident of New Year’s Eve) and the resulting loss of our best player by coming together to be a force instead of falling apart to be an unfortunate afterthought.

On Sunday afternoon, the Vols left everything on the court in one of the best games a fan, partial or impartial, could hope for where the prize was to cut down the nets on a national stage.

Tennessee fought, hustled, excelled, and overcame an eight-point deficit in the middle of the second half to eventually hold the lead 64-63 with 5:16 left. But that was the last lead the Vols would have. When Draymond Green made a 2-point jumper at the 4:40 mark, Michigan State had a lead that they only gave up twice when the Vols evened the score 66-66 with 3:57 left and again at 69-69 with only 12 seconds remaining on Scotty Hopson’s free throw after he stared into space for what seemed an eternity to calm himself under the hot national spotlight. Read More…

History, with Even So Much More Possible

Tennessee 76  Ohio State 73
Midwest Regional Semi-Finals
Friday 26 March 2010
St. Louis, MO

Steven Pearl (22) and Scotty Hopson (32) embrace in mid-air after the final buzzer announced that Tennessee had defeated Ohio State 76-73 to advance to the Midwest Regional finals on Sunday. Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images.

The very fine teams of the 1960’s with the likes of A.W. Davis, Red Robbins, Ron Widby,  Tom Boerwinkle, Bill Justus, and Jimmy England couldn’t do it.

The great teams of the 1970’s with Bernard King, Ernie Grunfeld, and Reggie Johnson didn’t do it.

The talented teams of the 1980’s with stars like Howard Wood, Dale Ellis, and Tony White didn’t make it.

The teams of the past decade with the talent of Allan Houston, Ron Slay, and Chris Lofton had their chances but didn’t break through.

Instead, a team nearly decimated on New Year’s by silly behavior somehow clawed their way through the SEC regular season (spurred by a wacky win over Number One-ranked Kansas) with a respectable record, and even though looking rather sluggish and out of sorts in the SEC tournament, made it into the NCAA tournament.

And on Friday evening, this team has brought the Vol Nation to the brink of a Final Four. Read More…

Once Every 44 Years

J.P. Prince and Wayne Chism celebrate the Vols' upset 76-68 win over number one Kansas on Sunday. Photo by Saul Young.

We only do football here at VITF. No windows. No floors. No dishes. No laundry. Not even basketball.

But we’d be guilty of breaking the Student-Athlete Manual if we didn’t give a shout of Hell Yes to the Bruce Pearl Gang.

On Sunday, Tennessee defeated top-ranked Kansas 76-68, and, according to the CBS announcers, the first time since 1966 that the Vols have defeated the Nation’s Number One team in Knoxville.

Only six scholarship players were left for Sunday’s game after Tyler Smith’s guns-and-drugs foolery left the bench in near-tatters. Read More…

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