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The Battle of Athens

Georgia 51  Tennessee 44
29 September 2012 | Sanford Stadium | ATT: 92,746
Recap | Boxscore | Play-by-Play | Drive Chart | Photos | Video  


With 12 minutes left to play in the second quarter, it looked like Georgia’s 17-point lead would increase by the minute to the point where CBS would announce that at halftime they were switching to another game, any game, to prevent the nation from viewing the continuing carnage.

Instead, Tennessee would hold the lead before halftime after three unanswered touchdowns. It was a game that by the fourth quarter had turned into a football war — one fitting for this rivalry series already filled with crazy, memorable games.

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Tennessee-Georgia Preview: An Orange Banana Skin?

Georgia Bulldogs vs. Tennessee Volunteers
Saturday 29 September 2012 | 3:30 pm EDT
Sanford Stadium (92,746) | Athens, GA | CBS


Our fanbase is probably the only supporters of a 3-1 team that has a significant percentage howling for the head of their coach.

That symptom of fanaticism notwithstanding, the fans of the Georgia Bulldogs seem to be thinking that Saturday’s visit to Athens by Tennessee is just something to sandwich in between a grudge match with Vanderbilt and a monumental SEC East Division clash with South Carolina.

Vanderbilt and South Carolina. That’s what it’s come to I guess.

But, that’s OK. Whatever it takes to cause a foe to overlook you, to take you for a needed breather between two Saturdays of spent emotional energy.

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Third Quarter Meltdown Seals Vols’ Fate

Georgia 20  Tennessee 12
8 October 2011 | Neyland Stadium | ATT: 102,455
Recap | Boxscore | Play-by-Play | Drive Chart


The great North Carolina basketball coach Dean Smith once wrote, and often said, that the first five minutes of the second half were the most important minutes of a basketball game.

Little did he know that his precept would fittingly describe a football game on Saturday night in Knoxville between Georgia and Tennessee.

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For the Record: Week 5

For the record…

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I Hate My Left Brain

Georgia Bulldogs vs. Tennessee Volunteers
Saturday 8 October 2011 | 7:00 pm EDT
Neyland Stadium | Knoxville, TN | ESPN2.

Georgia (3-2) on a 3-game win streak come a-callin’ for a game that is understatedly crucial for both sides.

This year’s edition of one of the more entertaining rivalries in the league is being billed as Georgia’s moment to secure SEC East favorite status. The Gators and Gamecocks have QB problems. Nobody is taking the Vols seriously. A win over Tennessee could be followed with Bulldog victories against Vandy, the Gators, Auburn, and Kentucky.

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The Bloom of the Rose

In this age of instant gratification, the life of a head football coach, especially in the SEC, is filled with the stress of having to produce W’s, regardless of the circumstances.

I have written about this topic, on this site, a few times.

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Two Steps Back

Georgia 41  Tennessee 14

9 Oct 2010 | Sanford Stadium | 92,746

RecapBoxscorePlay-by-playDrive Chart

Tennessee didn’t start a drive beyond their own 29-yard line. Six of their drives started at their 20 or worse. Six of Georgia’s 12 drives began beyond their 30-yard line; three of which were beyond the 40.

The Vols’ had nine net rushing yards on 26 carries for an average per carry of nearly zero – numbers that are heavily influenced by Matt Simms’ minus 21 yards due in large part to numerous sacks.

Tennessee turned the ball over three times – two fumbles and one INT. The two fumbles were in the kicking game: a punt and a kickoff were both lost by Eric Gordon, and both led to Georgia TDs.

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Time for the Hedge Clippers

A.J. Green is back after paying the price for selling one of his invaluable jerseys a while back. I doubt he’ll be too rusty, which means that the best part of the Bulldog team just got better. And since Tennessee’s strength so far this season seems to be pass defense, Saturday’s game, when Georgia QB Aaron Murray decides to put it up in the air, might get quite interesting. Other than that, there’s not too much to look forward to in terms of overall quality. Even the Dooley heritage angle to this event has me bored.

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Condolences for a Fallen Brother

Dear Georgia Fans,


We hardly knew 'ya good buddy...

I wanted to express my sincere condolences for the loss of Uga VII.

I heard through the dogvine that it was a rather sudden heart attack today. Even though Uga VII and I were of opposite sidelines, we had a special species bond. Any school with a canine mascot is one of my fav’s.

At only five 35 years old, it must be tough on the Georgia University family, especially the Seiler family who has tendered the pack for so many years.  Someday the Good Lord will take me, too. I’ll see you up there, Ol’ Seven, soon enough.

But until then, I’ll roam the sideline this Saturday with a tear in my eye thinking of ‘ya.


A sad Smokey IX

I've lost a friend...

Smokey IX

Postscript: Tennessee vs Georgia

The key to success can be elusive. To find it sometimes requires persistence and a fundamental belief.


It has been written, and some believe, that the basic nature of every human being is goodness. The basic goodness of human nature.

It could be postulated that at the high level of SEC football (which we all lovingly refer to as the best in the nation), there is a good football player at the core of every squad member.

Sometimes, coaching isn’t needed to let that quality manifest itself – the great ones just are able to show it almost spontaneously. They are that good.

But some need a mentor to strip away all of the layers covering that innate quality, all of those layers that keep a young man from achieving his potential, even if it is for only one day. For some it’s belief, confidence, and loyality from a coach that coaxes it out. For some, its tough love; maybe even ruling with fear.

And for others, it never happens. A college career goes by, never finding their song to sing. Every songsheet handed to these unfortunate kids seems to be in the wrong key. Read More…

Tennessee 45 Georgia 19






Georgia Helmet_SmallGeorgia






Tennessee Helmet_SMALLTennessee






Attendance (Neyland Stadium):  103,261

Recap /   Box Score /  Play-by-Play /  Drive Chart

Tennessee destroys Georgia with a well-balanced offensive scheme of rushing and play action passing to get Lane Kiffin his first SEC win. The score is flattering to the Bulldogs as they score only 3 of their 19 points with their offense which doesn’t get the ball into the Vol red zone all afternoon. Georgia get their other 16 points with a 100 yard kickoff return, a returned pass interception, and a safety on a blocked punt.

A reborn Jonathan Crompton has his best day as a Vol, throwing for 310 yards. AP Photo/Wade Payne.

A reborn Jonathan Crompton has his best day as a Vol, throwing for 310 yards. AP Photo/Wade Payne.

Montario Hardesty has another fine day of running the football gaining 97 yards on 20 carries, including a 39 yard TD scamper. And Gerald Jones gains 105 yards on 5 receptions.

But the story of the game is the much maligned Vol QB Jonathan Crompton, who looks sharp all afternoon, much due to the play action/rollout scheme he seems to feel comfortable in, completing 20 of 27 passes for 310 yards. A remarkable afternoon for the Vols evens their record to 3-3 and gives Lane Kiffin his first SEC win.

I’ll give more opinions on the big game in a later post. First, this post gives a game summary narrative. Read More…

Game Preview: Tennessee vs. Georgia

Sat 10 Oct 2009 • 12:21 pm ET • Neyland Stadium • Knoxville

  Tennessee HelmetGeorgia Helmet

Hanging On For Dear Life

The Vols are hanging on to the notion that a bowl is still possible. Saturday will have a lot to say about that.

The Vols are hanging on to the notion that a bowl is still possible. Saturday will have a lot to say about that.

This matchup is interesting from the standpoint that (1) a lot is riding on the outcome for both teams and (2) performances by both teams so far leave you scratching your head. Let’s take the second point first.

The collective Bulldog psyche must be on lithium by now. They start the season by getting blindsided at Oklahoma State (Stillwater is a pretty tough place to play), then nearly score 100 points against the collective Gamecocks and Razorbacks, have some good fortune against a pretty ordinary Arizona State, and then, well I don’t really know how to describe that loss against LSU. Blame it on the poor officiating decision near the end (excessive celebration? Ridiculous call!)? Or was it scoring nothing in the first half? Or was it the meltdown of the ‘Dogs’ special teams? All of the above – I still don’t really know how to take that game.

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Bits and Bytes: Tennessee vs. Georgia

By The Numbers

Bits and Bytes_Key

Now that teams have played 5 games in their schedules, the team statistics are starting to fall into a place where they are perhaps telling us something useful. Up to now, it’s been like looking at baseball standings in the middle of May. Read More…

Up Next: Georgia Bulldogs

We’re gonna do our mid-week thing a little differently. Instead of one massive post as a game preview, we’ll break it up. First will be Up Next, a chance to pay a little homage to history as well as poke a little fun at the Vols’ upcoming opponent, followed later in the week where we’ll stick to the upcoming game in Game Preview.

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