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Hip Hip Hooray, or Don’t Bother Answering the Bell

I don’t know if Derek Dooley’s hip injury came as he accompanied Robert Jordan’s bid to blow up a bridge in Spain or not, but this week’s visit by the Vols to the land of cows and their bells has me thinking about John Donne and Ernest Hemmingway.

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The Voice of God

It is Super Bowl week, a time that means so many different things to so many different people. If your team isn’t participating, then you are left to your own devices as to how you relate to the game. A social event? Holding a grudge against a participating player or team? My team is not in Indy, and there is little in the way of personal interest in any of the particulars (my fanship of Eli Manning notwithstanding).

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Monday Night Football – a family tradition

Monday Night Football has been an American institution for over 40 years. It was a groundbreaking innovation in the worlds of sports and television. Part of its success is the populariity of the game itself, which became as popular as it is today partly because of Monday Night Football. And, in today’s world of televised sport supersaturation, its continued popularity is a tribute to the the quality of play in today’s NFL.

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The Vol Nation is Dante’s Mountain

We feel stranded. Stranded from our former selves.

It has been for what seems to be a very long time since Tennessee Vols football was a relevant entity on the national stage, or even the conference stage.

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Another Reason to Hate CBS Sports and ESPN

Nothing is sacred anymore.

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Schedule Blues (or, How I Learned to Cope with the Decline of Tennessee Football)

After this week’s bye week, the Vols will host the mighty Buffalo Bulls of the Mid-American Conference (MAC). That gets me back up on my soap box.

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The Expatriate Vol

Sitting in Peet’s, iPad working with wireless, morning coffee and pastry ready for consumption – it was a typical Sunday morning for Steven Sully, sitting across from his wife who preferred a tactile newspaper over the magical electronic version, ready to catch up on news from ‘back home’. That news often started with the goings and comings of Tennessee football.


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Football is Fun Again

I realized something last night, something that really shocked me.

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a Tennessee football game and experienced nothing but fun. No dreaded anticipation, no feeling that a loss would be the end of the world, no feeling of exhausted relief after a win.

It was just plain ol’ fun.

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November is Forever

It was called the “Blood Month” by the Saxons because it was time to kill their animals for food.

It is called the “Month of Death” by the Finns (marraskuu in Finnish).

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He’s Seen the Future, and It Ain’t Pretty

Did you see Derek Dooley’s media comments on Monday September 13? His comments were interesting, insightful, and honest as always.

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Romance of the Chains

A potential game-changing event in a football game is determined with two sticks connected by a chain. Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images. Source:

Recently as I was lying in my easy chair on the back deck, wafting in and out of consciousness in the glorious summertime weather that is the Bay Area, I caught myself thinking about moments in a football game that are unlike any in other sports. One such moment is the measurement.

The first down is the immediate goal of nearly every offensive play in a football game. The more I thought about how football deals with confirming whether or not a first down has been made by the offensive team when the umpire cannot readily make the determination himself, the more I thought how utterly odd it is. The chain, which connects two poles, is something that people hundreds if not thousands of years ago could have used to measure a specific distance.  Read More…

Orange is the Color of Insanity

The Dutch are fathers of the Orange. The Vols are their sons, proudly carrying on the tradition in the New World.

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Inspiration Available

The inspiration from Wednesday’s match, available to anyone willing to make use of it, is to never stop trying with everything you’ve got. Never. Read More…

Welcome to November

It was called the “Blood Month” by the Saxons because it was time to kill their animals for food.

It is called the “Month of Death” by the Finns (marraskuu in Finnish).

The crops have usually been harvested by now.

Telling the farmer if his year will be success or failure.

The leaves lose the brilliant October hues and turn a dirty brown.

Finally falling to the ground.


November landscape at sunrise

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