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Is Hart Listening to Ford?

Alabama 44  Tennessee 13
20 October 2012 | Neyland Stadium | ATT: 102,455
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Alabama’s resounding victory over Tennessee Saturday showed why the SEC will likely be playing for yet another national championship.

Tennessee’s depressing performance showed that the decisions made in the coming weeks by Dave Hart and his advisors/financiers will determine when the next sellout of Neyland Stadium will be.

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Tennessee-Alabama Preview: Will the Tide Turn on Saturday?

Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Tennessee Volunteers
Saturday 20 October 2012 | 7:00 pm EDT
Neyland Stadium (102,455) | Knoxville, TN | ESPN


The motivation, as articulated by Vol linebacker Herman Lathers:

We know we have a big game coming up this weekend against the No. 1 team in the nation. You know, if you don’t come prepared they’re going to embarrass you.

Or potentially even if you do come prepared.

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Game of the Century? Some Historical Perspective

Every now and then, two behemoths get together on the gridiron and focus the attention of the college football world. That’s what will happen this Saturday night in Tuscaloosa as No. 1 LSU visits No. 2 Alabama.

The hype-fueled world of today creates a lot of things out of nothing. Seemingly more often than not, the hyped matchups fall flat to our expectations. Anytime Number One faces Number Two, the moniker “Game of the Century” (GOTC) gets dragged out of the closet, dusted off and shined up.

The BCS has made a No. 1 vs. No. 2 matchup a yearly event. But before the 1998 season, such matchups were pretty rare occurrences, especially before the bowl season.

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Groundhog Day in Tuscaloosa

Alabama 37  Tennessee 6
22 October 2011 | Bryant-Denny Stadium | ATT: 101,821
Recap | Boxscore | Play-by-Play | Drive Chart


It took Alabama 34 minutes to score their first TD of the evening, thanks to an aggressive and effective first-half Tennessee defense, not to mention a punter’s passing prowess. But for the fourth time this season against an SEC opponent, the Vols got burned early in the second half to lose hard-fought momentum.

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For The Record: Week 7

For the record…

Last week, the Vols were soundly beaten by the Number One LSU Tigers. This week, the Vols will be soundly beaten again, this time by the Number Two Alabama Crimson Tide. If the predicted (inevitable) comes true under the lights Saturday night in Tuscaloosa, the biggest thing to guard against is despondency – the theme of this week’s For the Record…

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Shout Bama Lama

Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Tennessee Volunteers
Saturday 22 October 2011 | 7:15 pm EDT
Bryant-Denny Stadium | Tuscaloosa, AL | ESPN2

Getting a read on Saturday’s game in Tuscaloosa is rather easy and rather difficult at the same time.

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Nick Saban: Casting His Own Long Shadow

Four years ago, Alabama head coach Nick Saban was moving from an ugly situation he created (his early exit from the Miami Dolphins) to a big mess at Alabama created by others before him.

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Was the Iron Bowl in Muscle Shoals?

The University of Alabama terminated an employee Monday who played unauthorized music over the Bryant-Denny Stadium public address system prior to Friday’s Iron Bowl.

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You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Alabama 41  Tennessee 10

23 Oct 2010 | Neyland Stadium | 102,455

RecapBoxscorePlay-by-playDrive Chart

What does airplane glue and a paper bag give you? A short-lived high, and then an excruciating headache. “Migraine” is now spelled “Julio Jones”…

…or, perhaps the present state of “Tennessee Vol Football”.

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Remembering The Ancient Enemy

My apologies to NorCalVol and other readers for my absence of two weeks or so; however, the near-clinical depression that I have been suffering after the losses to LSU and Georgia has inhibited my rational thinking, and caused something of a writer’s block. So, with some trepidation I share a few memories and thoughts with you about Tennessee’s ancient enemy — the Crimson Tide of Alabama.

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I’ve Got A Feeling

I’ve got a feeling, a feeling deep inside, oh yeah. Oh yeah.

I’ve got a feeling, a feeling deep inside, oh yeah. Oh yeah.

I’ve got a feeling.

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It’s That Time Again – the 93rd

Alabama vs. Tennessee | 23 Oct 2010 | Neyland Stadium

7:00pm EDT | ESPN

One thing is for sure: no matter how bad the Tennessee Vols are at any particular time, during any particular season, I relish the Alabama game.

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The Nouveau Riche

When you have no history of a rivalry, I guess this is what you wear to the party…

Source: Fan Shot posted on Roll ‘Bama Roll.

I Think I’m Gonna Hurl

Except for rare circumstances, I pull for SEC schools against non-conference foes. Thursday night’s National Championship game, Alabama vs Texas, played at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, was not a rare circumstance for me.

Usually, what’s good for the SEC is good for Tennessee. It brings continued pride, wealth, and the national spotlight on my conference, and some of that spotlight shines on the Vols, even when we are in the middle of the conference’s pack. Read More…

The Crimson Tide Drown the Gators for the SEC Crown

Recap /   Box Score /  Play-by-Play /  Drive Chart

Your 2009 SEC Champions: The Alabama Crimson Tide. AP Photo

Alabama made 26 first downs to Florida’s 13, and converted 11 of 15 3rd-down conversions (11 of 15!) to Florida’s 4 of 11. The Tide’s rushing yardage swallowed the Gators’, 251 to 88 yards (63 of Florida’s 88 yards were Tebow’s). Alabama’s unheralded passing game equaled Florida’s touted Tebow-to-Company wrecking crew, 239 to 247 yards. And the Crimson Tide had possession of the ball twice as long as the Gators, 39:37 to 20:23.

Total domination.

This was simply Alabama’s best game of the season and Florida’s worst. By far on both accounts. But why?

Perhaps Tennessee Head Coach Lane Kiffin was correct when he humorously postulated earlier this week that both teams had great players but Alabama’s were better coached. Perhaps. Read More…

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